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Slow Time?


Before the holidays I had more gigs then I could handle for my book review gig. Nothing but great reviews and getting authors who had been referred by other authors. The day before Christmas Eve I put my account on vacation until the day after New Years because of holiday parties etc. I’ve only had 2 gigs and one of those was for services not even closely related to what I offer. Is this a normal slow period to expect or did I shoot myself in the foot by going on vacation for so long?


Same thing happened to me. i went vacation mode coz i got so many orders and i couldn’t control it and haven’t got enough time to finish all of them.

after that i didn’t got much orders. that is also from my previous buyers. so i was decided myself to never go vacation. that feature is pointless to me now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes. The same thing happened to me

I used to get more than 10 orders a day but then i had to attend to my studies and vent on vacation mode for a long time

All that fame </3

I’m starting over.