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Slow Week For Me


After having some stellar weeks this is my first real slow week. How about you guys? I know it comes in cycles all the time. Just wondering how everyone else is doing?

Working to push myself hard this week online though.


first week of may is my busiest yet that being said that is only like 4-8 gigs a day


Me too , I got only 2 gigs :)>-


This week has been crazy for me! My Mother’s Day gig has gone nuts!!!

Link :


Reply to @thuyta:

Nice Gig! Just realized that it is Mothers day coming up and none of my gigs could really be considered a good thing for Mother’s day.

Hoping mine pick up but I’ve had this happen before with a week off then solid for rest of the month


Yeah, slow week for me too. It is pretty normal though. Orders come in waves and this week waves are not that big. I got a lot of orders last week though. So, it is nothing to worry about yet.

I was averaging 10 to 15 orders a day last week, but this week I am averaging 5 orders a day. Let’s see how this week will end for me. :slight_smile:

Best Of Luck.


Reply to @s_sayan:

Lol, wish I was doing 5 a day! Right now I’m at a slow trickle. Nothing today at all. Yesterday a few orders. But it is how it is. Going to keep on promoting myself and try to think of some new gigs I can do!


I’m not even at a slow trickle anymore. My hypothetical faucet is completely turned off! I only had two orders last month, and none so far this month. The orders last month were big and involved more that one gig order so I didn’t mind too much, but now that I’m done with those I’m not seeing anything else coming in. :frowning:


I think 4 yesterday, my gig was on first page yesterday, today it aint, how that works…

No gig what so ever today… :frowning: