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Slow week for sales

Has any else been having no orders, I’m getting tired of getting no orders and yes I promote myself on social media but with the overcrowding of fiverr I feel you can’t truly make a living off of fiverr unless you have been with fiverr since the beginning.

I had a very slow start to the month, but it’s picked up since. You can succeed, but if you’re getting no orders, it’s likely that your offer simply isn’t attractive enough for people. Try working on new gig offers. Spamming social media isn’t really going to make you good business unless you know what you’re doing.

I don’t think that my gigs aren’t attractive I offer more than most graphic gigs, normally they charge for only 1 banner I make 3 for one gig order. I believe that crowding on fiverr is the main cause and once your below the first page you seem to sink lower and lower.