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Slower Sales? Time to Reflect, Refine, Recharge

Summer is the time where business is far slower than many other times of the year. This applies to Fiverr, and most businesses. (Unless you sell vacation packages, or snow cones.)

Are you making the most from the normal summer down time? Some of your competitors ARE taking the time to rethink their offerings, you should too.

Are you upgrading your demos, reworking your gigs, looking at the most successful people in your category? Thinking about how to compete with more value, and higher prices too?

In the States, the week before/after July 4th are heavy vacation weeks, and that spills over to sellers around the world.

The whiteboard seller in India, Australia or Japan gets a high percentage of sales from the States, and if they slow down, they purchase less of my voice overs too. This applies across a huge set of categories.

If you’re gigs are slower now (the norm for most) it’s the right time to do all the things you don’t have time to do when things are far busier. The smart sellers are using this time wisely, so they can serve more clients, at better rates and increased value as the normal fall business cycle kicks into full gear later.

What are you doing to set yourself up for success as the normal fall increases arrive?


I tried raising my prices…boy was that a mistake.


I’m preparing to add a little extra to my deliveries that will encourage my buyers to upgrade their orders - working on an upselling method. So yeah, I do make the most of this free time, whether it’s working on improving my services or allocating the time to my hobbies and other passions.

@ssj1236 if you try raising your prices in the free time / vacation periods, it is a mistake as you won’t clearly see the results since almost everyone’s enjoying their time on a beach or some resort


Try offering extras to lower paying clients that you already have!

I also encourage to provide your buyers with a form of “Discount” for repeat/referral business.
Send a client my way and I’ll offer you “X, Y” free of charge.

Just a few suggestions that’ll hopefully help!


This is very reassuring. My sales were picking up prior to the week before July 4th, and since then, my orders have slowed down to only 3 or 4 each week. They have been larger orders, but fewer, and I feel better knowing that this is just a trend.


It’s only been 2 days since 4th July - not much time to decide on a trend of any sort really.

Th holidays are here though, and yes, sales probably will slow down, but they always pick up again! :slight_smile:


yeah, am trying to work on that …thanks for the tip


Thanks a lot. This helped.


Before 5th july it was too slower for me. But now its good. Hope we can use our this time to upgrade our skills & gigs.
Now I have some time to create new gigs which I want to offer.


Slooooooow right now. This is very reassuring. I am working on a new Gig and following the Pro situation to see what I can do to become more marketable and raise my profile. I am also working on a non-Fiverr project or two for my profession - developing an online course - my 4th for a top company in my profession - and increase my social media presence for my professional brand. The, just leaning into the silence and enjoying the vacation time. I teach, so I have summers off.


Sometimes it happens. Accepted.


So glad I found this article. I’ve been disturbed and thought I’ve lost my fiverr account because of the way my performance has dropped over the last couple of months. I will simply rewrite my gigs and rebrand my service during this “down time”


I agree with all of you guys that sales are slow now but try to be positive and keep living your life.


Good point! It’s interesting to see how things change year after year. Last year, I was slammed during the summer. This year, it’s definitely been slow.

What I’ve been working on:

  • Updating my packages and what I offer, making the offerings more valuable to my customers

  • Working on my scripts and optimizing my customer service.

  • Applying to buyer requests when things are really slow

  • Looking into ways to market my Fiverr gig beyond how I already have. Thinking about things like landing pages for my Fiverr gigs, FB ads, etc.

But, it’s also just a good time to sit back and recharge a bit! :slight_smile:


It’s not a mistake, but you have to make sure the quality of your services increased as well


I’m happy to have gotten this Article, it’s really help clears the air


Appreciate the post.

I’ve already updated my gigs and added a few extra gigs. Working on a new gig video also which is exciting. Can’t wait to get busy again!


Sales have picked up last 2-3 days.


Created a new gig that I am hoping to enlarge my clients data base!
I amended my description in my main gig about Translating Arabic-English
I created and added videos to all my gigs

That was it so far!