Slowly becoming hopeless. Does Fiverr even work for Newbies?


I’m an artist, and after being in this field for 10 years now, my business suddenly shut down out of the blue, leaving me broke, so I turned to freelancing with the hope of finding a silver lining. It’s been almost a week now since I first published my gig here in Fiverr. No response yet, nothing.Just the views keep going up and is only around 200 right now, but no order. I don’t see a future in Fiverr, should I leave it?

The Best First Order Ever!
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Does Fiverr even work for Newbies? Yes!
I just saw an account with 14 reviews but got Featured!


OMG only a week and you are already giving up?


Maybe you’ve missed articles like these:
Might not be the norm, but certainly possible.

Have a look around the forum to see how to improve your gig, add more gigs, and search here for UPYOUR


@subaro665 I was not talking to you, LOL. The OP is giving up.


sorry my mistake
I’m an old man


@subaro665 LOL. That´s alright . That happens to anyone sometimes doesn´t matter what age. Cheers :slight_smile:


you can add more skills to your Profile. Your GIG is an illustration related GIG
so you must add skills Illustration for your profile.


Wow this has been most helpful. I’ll definitely keep this in mind. Just hope the situation changes asap.


I’m slowly becoming hopeless as well xD


Maybe you need to read the advice given above? :slight_smile:


@velocigraphtor May I ask if you researched whether there was actually demand for what you offer? It is a very specific gig and I cannot imagine there are thousands of people looking for it. As was said before, look at adding different things to your range and not just focusing on that one gig. You should then look at how you can promote yourself properly.

On the other hand, if you feel like giving up after 1 week, and all you did during that week was wait for people to come flooding to you then perhaps it would be better for you to focus on something else. Fiverr is not easy money, it is often slow and difficult, requires effort on your part and does not have guaranteed success.


We recommended you to add more gigs to your profile and possibly look towards logo design if you’re really good at it. What happened to that plan?
According to your profile you’ve worked with hundreds of clients. I assume they didn’t all request GTA related design. Add some flavor to your portfolio and show us what else can you do. Right now you’re targeting a very small market. Majority of level 2 sellers offering GTA design have completed less than 100 orders and they’ve been here for years.


You may have read some things but looking at your gigs you have not acted on any of the tips or advice that is offered.
You are in the most competitive niche on the site and your gigs offer nothing different to the thousands of other logo and design gigs. With respect, why would someone choose to buy your gig over anyone else? There is no incentive there whatsoever.


Yes I am working on two new gigs presently. Being a rookie in freelancing,I was just a bit confused about how Fiverr works. Seems like more the number of gigs and less the specific they are, the better. I’ll do exactly that. I am working on a new gig on logo, and then I’ll add another on various Photoshop effects. Hope they’ll get better responses. Thank you all so much for helping me out.


@eoinfinnegan I guess you are right. I just though my high quality but well affordable gig acted as an incentive, but it seems that’s not enough. A little planning needs to go into this as well…


The thing is, there are approx 30,000 logo design gigs to choose from. Standing out in that niche is pretty difficult. There are people offering 5 logo designs for $5 with unlimited revisions, how can you compete with that?
I would suggest that you dont even try. Rise above that level and create an extensive portfolio, consider adding some text to explain the concepts behind some of your portfolio - as a buyer I would love to see that.
Something like:
The client wanted a logo for a pet store that specializes in exotic creatures and free delivery. This is why I included a lizard and 3 toed sloth in the image with Noah’s ark in the background.
Even those 2 lines show that you didn’t just Google Pet Store Logo and copy the first one you saw!
For someone like that, I would happily pay more than the basic rate.
Consider other add-ons you can offer too. Consider the fact that your communication and ability to express yourself is far beyond many in that niche - use it. Ask people to contact you for a consultation before they order. Discuss what they want and then send a custom offer. I guarantee most will accept any reasonable price if you have put in some effort to discuss it first.
Have a look at my UP YOUR series of tips for buyers, starting with this one - Communicating the Value of Your Gig to Buyers - UPYOUR


No, It doesn’t work, Give Up. :rolling_eyes:

By the way, when we all singed in to Fiverr, on first day, we all already had our Level Two badges and a good amount of Reviews. I dont know what happened at YOUR part.


Wow I never thought of it this way. Okay so all I gotta do now is build up my portfolio with all my years of works, And your thread for tips regarding buyers is really enlightening. I have a fair idea now on what to do. I’m really grateful to you, thank you so much!


Wow tough love AND sarcasm. Nice :smile: Thanks anyways @saddu_writer