Slowly Getting There :-)


I have been on fiverr for a while now and have currently generated 3 sales, just 7 more until I make level one! What I would like to know, is does the badge make you seem more reputable as a seller and in what ways does it help you generate more income?


Hey there ! Absolutely it does, you also get access to upsell more by offering better priced gig extras !


You said it exactly it does make you seem more reputable, reliable, honest what have you. It means you worked hard to get where you are. It also enables you to make more money with giving you the extras option.


Well, basically- the badge shows that you’ve committed yourself to work hard on the site, and are really good with handling customers and working to meet deadlines. I suppose that, for buyers who understand it, it allows them to recognise that you’re a better sellers than others, which will make them more likely to buy from you! Through that, I suppose, you’ll generate more income :slight_smile:


Now to put in some serious effort!


I have never marketed any of my gigs and get orders out of the blue when the gig’s rating was N/A, so I assume that means the samples were pretty decent? With level one, I am sure I will get more orders like this.


Glad you’re thinking about all this now!


Yes, also I have had a thought about my forum posts… I only used to post in the “My Gigs” part. I thought that if I one day got near becoming top rated seller, I would need to prove a decent track record on the forum by posting quality posts rather than promoting my gigs.


I think it helps the image of your account. I definitely like that Fiverr added the levels feature. It’s useful because you get more features. I almost wish there were lots of levels so it would be more gamified. It would make you feel more successful if you were promoted a new level every so often.

Then again, it might further spread apart the new sellers from the top sellers.


Yes it is a good signal for potential buyers. Not only that it provides motivation to keep trying more and to keep going. The single best thing that helped me reach level 1 was adding a video, no joke. I was where you were with 4 orders, noticed a lag and then I finally got around to making a video. Within less than a week I got 10+ orders. To make a comparison, I made more in four days than I did in two months. Do not underestimate the power law.


Good Luck!


Welcome and keep up the great work. perseverance will get you to the Levels and yes it does reflect in your sales


I am waiting for TRS!


I have taken some of your advice and just created a short video for one of my gigs.


Yay! The video was approved :smiley: