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Slowly giving up

I’m really starting to lose hope and slowly giving up. I am wasting so much time here, I think i’m gonna deactivate my account.


You can have excuses or results: choose one.


Didn’t you also begin a post recently saying you were bored of the website and wanted to leave? The only reason that I ask is this is clearly something that you’re thinking about a lot, so perhaps it is time to move on like you say? If it’s making you unhappy/miserable/frustrated and you don’t see an end in sight, maybe it’s the best option.

Fiverr isn’t easy. It’s freelancing… Fiverr does a great job of making it look like anyone can make a few bucks doing something on the side, but honestly it’s a slog, especially in the beginning. And even when the orders do come in, you’ll likely be working at a rate way lower than you usually would, fitting it around the other things you have going on in your life. You’re at the beck and call of anyone and everyone… We’ve had to change plans on numerous occasions because a massive 24 hour order has come in at the worst possible time.

But what I will say is in my opinion, if you stick it out and make a success of it, it’s so worth it. We live in London, and Fiverr is not our main source of income. But right now, it’s helping us pull together the down-payment for an apartment, hopefully here in the city. Plus we love having our own business.

I do think you’re correct that it sounds like it’s time to make a decision one way or the other.


Your gig description is way too short, if I was a buyer looking for a intro or outro I wouldn’t buy from you. Read the tips for sellers since I think you haven’t you will find useful tips on how to make a good gig, to ideas to market your gig, If you’re doing nothing to get orders or to improve your gig then yes, you should quit.

Here´s the link:


Also, in addition to this really solid advice…

You’ve only got one example of your work. The intro you’ve shown looks good, but what if I don’t like that style? How do I know what else you can do? Your gig is your chance to showcase your work, so you should definitely be utilising it more than you currently are!


If it was easy everyone would do it. It’s a challenge, put everything you have into it. If not, try something else.


Well I’m still studying, i’ve got a lot of stuff in my head that I can’t even make them straight, i’m not that guy who sits his ass on the computer 24/7 watching porn or playing games, i’m studying, and working at the same time and doing some projects for my education, coming into Fiverr was just a way to explore things, to find new ways to gain more money, so I don’t have the time to log in here all day and read the tips and stuff or whatever, i’m 22 and i’m already busy with a lot of stuff that I sometimes feel that my head is going to explode, I got a life, I got my work, so I think that this website will make things worse “only” because I need few extra bucks, ******** it.
But trust me, if about the wait, i’m the champion of the world at waiting, I will wait, maybe something will happen, and what guarantees to me that if I read all these tips I’ll get some orders? How can I trust this process? Yes I can do all that, but I have a phobia of wasting time, I don’t like to waste my time not one minute. I’ve been here for 51 days and I haven’t got any goddamn orders. And this kind of making me mad. My whole life I’ve been motivated and ready to do things except when I logged into this website, for the first time in my life I felt like a failure. *******!! and not even a small encouragement.

I don’t know i’m still in the thinking process…

:arrow_up: This is so true.

Since what you say doesn’t match the requirements as explained by cubittaudio, IDK :man_shrugging: This :arrow_down: is the only post that comes to mind (taken from the previous thread you created):

You need to find your own encouragement and self-motivation. There is absolutely no use/point of someone else having to motivate you all the time. If you really have the interest and passion to succeed, there would be no dearth of self-motivation.

If you are looking for words of encouragement, maybe this is not the best place? :thinking:

There is no shortcut to success. Unfortunately, the only way to start making some money (on Fiverr) is by investing your time reading through informative forum posts & articles, fine-tuning your gigs, and marketing your services to target customers. If you can’t, then… :man_shrugging:

Good luck! :wave:


Ok, so we know you want to talk this out…

Wait, this is the second time? hmmmmmmmmmmm

Now we have something you can work on!

Now you have 3 things to improve upon in your gig! And advice on how to utilize it!

An excuse, shouldn’t this reply be a “thanks!” or “I can see points I need to fix”?

You wouldn’t have to if you implemented the tips in the above posts.

Then actually put the effort in. And it is EXACTLY why…


You only have one gig with no reviews and a very high price. $40? Why not charge $10?

Your gig title has too many adjectives, try this

“I will create a logo intro in 24 hours”

Also, I don’t know if your logo intro is elegant, to me it seems like something else. Urban? I don’t know, it’s not my field.

The “logo intro” category rewards people who are specific:

I Will Create 3d Logo Intro Animation

I Will Make Funny Bazooka Splash Intro With Your Logo

I Will Create 100 Percent Unique Custom Intro Logo Animation

Even though their grammar is bad, those gig titles are powerful.

Fiverr is frustrating, but it costs nothing, it allows you to create many gigs, it’s extremely flexible, and easy compared to almost everything else.

Besides, what other job can you do from home?


Freelance Marketplace is a place where you will have to endure patiently if you survive, of course, success is inevitable. I hope you will not lose patience.

But I mean…you are wasting time?
You’re saying it’s a waste of time to read tips that might help you, but you have a lot of time to post multiple threads on this forum.

Like others have said, you can’t just wait for success to come to you, and the world (your potential customers) couldn’t care less that you’re too busy to put the effort in.
You have competition. You have to figure out how to stand out from them.

If you don’t want to put the effort in, there’s nothing anyone else can do for you. And of course reading the tips on this forum won’t guarantee you any sales. There are no guarantees in life. There is no guarantee that your college degree will get you a good job.

Seriously, I worked with plenty of people with Bachelors and Masters degrees when I was at Home Depot.
But people still go to college, because they understand that, while it guarantees nothing, it is a great way to set themselves up for success.

Basically, Fiverr is like running your own business. Fiverr is just a platform. It makes it easier to find customers, but it’s still YOUR business, YOUR responsibility.
You’ve got to look at it that way, rather than waiting on Fiverr to do it all for you.


Hello, as others have mentioned, $40 is too much to charge if you have zero reviews. It’s important to do your first jobs for only $5 to get some reviews, then you can try raising your prices. I do like you intro animation. And try to make your description longer so it looks more businesslike. Add to the description what they will be getting included for just $5.


Omg turn that frown upside down.
Come on buddy! You got this.
You have done a lot by starting.
You Tube is your friend.
Read and watch all you can to understand
the platform… Read and watch everything some more.


Don’t give up! You have worked hard so far. Just be patient because success might be around the corner. You never know what is stored in future.

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Thanks a lot miss <3

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Thank you soo soooo sooooooo much

Deactivating the account! What? If you are not getting sales and you don’t want to spend time on fiverr as you think its just wastage of time keep your account as it is! It’s almost impossible that you get automatic sale but why deactivate?

Try to learn and upgrade your skills or spend your time in other things! May be then you can come back again and get successful by your hardwork.

I also get no orders for weeks but I never stop! I spend time on youtube learing or doing other things that will help me in future.