Slowly learning how things work over here


We learn everyday they say. I am slowly learning how to make my bid look attractive. But I need inputs on what to do if after convincing a buyer that you are the best person for a job and got a request for a sample that is not in the same category as what you placed a bid for? I have been faced with this issue and had to forward something unrelated to what the buyer was looking for. Does that mean I have to create samples for that particular request the writer made?

Fiverr is a large with lots of competition and I intend to climb through to the very top because I believe so much in what I can offer. I will be needing tips as to how to go about providing samples if I don’t have them readily available.

I am creative writer with works on a number of genres but I can also write articles and web contents but these samples aren’t really available at the moment. I have sent an article in place of a sample to buyer that wanted something on web content.

I really need your advice and input.




Just provide general samples that show your skill at writing. Do not provide personal samples, some buyers use them as free work. Just prepare 5-10 samples of what you are capable to deliver. Make sure that they are honest, real samples of your work, or you can face low ratings later.


Thank you… I will do just that…


Hi, Joey!

Fiverr graciously provided us with the option of uploading a PDF file.

Utilize the PDF via your gigs to show off some of your previous work and samples.

Sounds like you are determined and ready to work hard. :sunglasses:


Approved URLs to showcase your work. Scroll at the very bottom!


To make your bid attractive you simply and honestly tell your buyer about your expertise, your talent and about your work experience. Don’t exaggerate about your work and don’t bid on the offer which you think you can’t handle. You don’t need to have sample for each bid, fiverr application itself selects the Gig according to the bid. These are your words that win the bidding. Best of luck!