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Small business [ARCHIVED]

I have a local small t-shirt business I do not have a website I need to advertise where people can contact me from my email address how can I do this

What type of t-shirts do you sell? I have a 2nd Amendment website, maybe I could do a blog about you if you have good stuff. PM me.

You could buy a gig to have someone set up a basic website with your contact information on it. (I don’t do this but many on Fiverr do.) These days it is fairly important for businesses to have some kind of website even if it is just one page.

I agree with Fonthaunt - you need a website.

Message me with your budget and I’ll quote you accordingly.



Let me know if need my services. I will walk you through the whole process from choosing a brand name, creating your website mockup and then building the site. Cheers (Contact Us)

Please contact me if you need any designs for your business :slight_smile: