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Small business start ups and fiverr

Okay, fiverr is all about growing up a freelancers business. But with recent TOS updates, its really not practical to promote ones own brand.

For instance, im a 3D artist who owns and runs an animation studio since 2002. But, because of TOS violation issues, i cannot share or discuss anything that i have done outside fiverr here. Anyone facing this kind of thigs? What kind of options and suggestions does fiverr has towards entrepreneur’s who love fiverr and to work in fiverr?

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This is a problem.On one side, you have Pro sellers whom are allowed and encouraged to have a strong off-Fiverr presence. For average Joe, however, he can get banned for anything from a response to a review on an off-Fiverr review site (considered off-Fiverr communication), a Youtube link, or even a WordPress blog profile.

Judging from past events, Fiverr does seem to reconsider bans when sellers have a strong social media presence. (Specifically, one which starts stirring negative PR.) The safest route, though, is to simply try and isolate your Fiverr profile from the rest of your online identity.


Wait, what happens if we need to bring customers from Facebook and Twitter? For example, I share my gig link with someone that recently followed me and is interetsed in my services. Me and the hypothetical client discuss the details on Twitter and then an order is placed on Fiverr. This is ok, right?

@eoinfinnegan This is within the terms of service, right?


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exactly! it never shows up in front. but we need to show and use our skills WITHIN fiverr only ( to fiverr ). This kind of has two sided effects i guess, yeah. one is… if you are a pro in your field for many years, its not possible to show off all the years of work and experience without a fiverr badge over it.

On the other hand, we wont be able to show most of our portfolio regardless how or when they were created. I mean, a single wrong link share ( youtube, etc ) can get you banned.


Well, technically its ok. BUT, again… when it comes to TOS warnings and violations… the exact stuff that you might be sharing can get you banned or warned. ( 3 warnings = banned ). So im also not sure why fiverr urges sellers to share their gigs and all on social media and at the same time doesnt want to be too personal and show protfolios.etc.