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Small change gets more orders


As a writer here I can’t showcase all the things I write. I noticed that if I change my gig image to a new one each month I get more orders. It’s nice being busy. I went from a cute ocean image to an adorable fairy forest one. With luck ; I’ll provide me with 2 to 4 more sales today.

Maybe it’ll work for ya’ll too?



Thanks for the tip chimicawriting. We all are desperate to keep orders coming in at the moment. Best wishes for your Fiverr business. - John :bz


Thank you for the tip. I’ve been wondering if minor updates to your gigs can lead to it being promoted back up the category pages. I’m not sure if this is actually the case, but it does seem to have an effect as you said.


The same thing has worked for me in the past too. I’m due to change my images soon actually. :slight_smile:


P.s. It’s nice to see a writing gig with a picture that isn’t a f***ng typewriter. hehe


Suspending your gig and reactivating might work? Will someone try it and tell us what happens?


Making a web trailer for your gig might help you

And allow you to showcase your creativity since you’ll be the one writing the words. Or you can order a whiteboard from someone else.


I suspend one of my gigs from time to time when I have too much to do and I get jobs as soon as I am back on-line from new customers.


Reply to @fastcopywriter:

I actually did think about doing a “story” trailer but feared someone to steal it! The whiteboard aren’t my thing ; hurts my eyes. Thank you hun for recommended these things…


Reply to @steixeira:

I wish wish wish I could do that. My issue is I always have 10 gigs in query. Everyday I get about 4 new orders and deliver 3 to 6. So instead I just lengthen the delivery time.


Reply to @chimicawriting: Wow! I wish some day I will have so many orders per day too.


Reply to @chimicawriting: What about a blackboard animation?

Well, we all do Fiverr in our own way. I didn’t have any videos until I became TRS, so these aren’t mandatories, I just figure that some buyers may not read the gig and prefer to watch the video.


Thanks for sharing this here. Try it definitely and let u know… @};- @};- @};-


Reply to @volodymyrpro7: Sure…Just promote your gig precisely…Then see the result.


thanks for d tips ,bro :)>-


Thank You for your tip looking forward to this.