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Fiverr is not allowing to provide a service that a third party’s copyrighted work, So be careful on this type of services offering in your Gig because anytime fiverr can remove your Gig. they don’t care either you have 1000 orders on that too. You can share your openin too below. it will be interested if you have other experience on this topic.

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In other words, don’t break the rules, or Fiverr will remove your gig (or your account, if you keep breaking the rules).


Francis Bacon once said “Knowledge is power” :sunglasses:


If I were to steal your car and sell it, would you be okay with It? Selling copyrighted work equates to same thing. You are selling stolen work. :frowning:


Thanks for share the information


Agree with you…


hahahahaha amazing example mate. Thanks


My pleasure…


Opinions don’t matter. Copyright infringement is forbidden regardless on what platform you commit it.