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Small Question


Ive seen a few sellers that post multiple gigs for the same thing. Example: If I wanted to sell “Designing Flyers” I post 10 ads to sell Design services just word each gig differently. ie. “I will design your flyer for” Or “I will professionally design your flyer for” is this a smart way to sell your services? Is this even allowed? Doesn’t it just clog up the system for other sellers with just a single ad?

No complaints just something I noticed.



If single seller creates multiple gig for same kind of service without any variation then it should not be allowed. Some services are having variation options then it should be allowed example: I will create logo in png, I will create logo in gif, This is my personal opinion.


It’s against the Fiverr™ Terms. However, many sellers do it. There are also instances of Fiverr ™ shutting down gigs and entire seller accounts for supposedly doing it. The rule here is: when in doubt, ask Customer Service specific questions and keep records of what they tell you.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:




main purpose is that it will increase the ratio of showing in search results