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Small rant from a buyer to seller

Recently I came across a seller who had amazing logo work on in his gig. The delivery time was set to 24 hours. 48 Hours after I ordered the seller updates me to let me know he is now starting the gig.

At this point I am a bit flustered but whatever, I can wait a bit longer for my logo esescially since his work is nice.

A few hours pass and I get a version of my logo and I quote.

"hi, i have successfully completed your logo within 24 hours and now you can open it,

if you need any modification please click modifications and let me know. i will modify it or redo new logo FREE,

also please give me 5 star rating, it will be big help,

i am always here for you…"

Here is where I want to really rant… Please sellers dont lie and say the work is done in a timely manner when its not. ALSO I personally hate being told to give someone a specific rating. I will only rate 5 if I feel the work is a 5. Then don’t tell me I can request free modifications to in your next message. AND I QUOTE.

"hi thanks for your request, but i haven’t received gig extras for unlimited modification, can you please order gig extras 10$"

To end all this I told the seller I would not order extra gigs because he clearly stated it was free. My order marked itself as complete even though I insisted on a modification.

I left a negative review but the seller and gig have “disappeared” and now under a new name (At least his identical gig is.)

poxyz17 said: I personally hate being told to give someone a specific rating

I agree 100% and would never even mention the rating to a buyer. When the new rating system was released there was a post on fiverrs blog advising sellers to ask for 5 star ratings. To me that was just another way for fiverr to say that the new rating system is flawed.

It seems like every time I have browsed the forum in the past month or two, there is something negative being said about a logo gig. What’s up with that?

There is something…slimy… about how that seller worked, all nice, smiley ‘hi’, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’s’ while trying his best to manipulate and obfuscate (we’ll all just pretend I delivered this order in 24 hours, okay? See? I delivered in 24 hours because I said so). He comes across as a caricature of a used-car salesman.

@poxyz17, if you haven’t done so yet, PLEASE report this person to customer support, as encouraged above. And feel free to send them the link to the identical gig; tech support can look into whether it’s the same person, but possibly one copied from the other. Please know that most of us want to keep Fiverr a nice place for people to get together for projects.

Contacted support prior to making this thread actually. The thread was more of just an overall rant to help get my frustration out.

Support gave me a refund and I notified them of the gig with identical pictures. That gig is gone now and a new one with the same logos/pictures popped up with another new name.

Not going to bother chasing them down. But again with my new request I am seeing;

"ok sir! done your logo. this is your logo.

i think ! can you give me 5 star feedback! please sir! give me 5 star feedback only!"

at least this one was on time :slight_smile: {think happy thoughts}

The first version was nothing {and I mean NOTHING} that I requested. Waiting to see what the revision will be.