Small survey about Gig's category


I’m doing a small survey about what will a buyer go first when they want to purchase a gig about drawing their digital portrait. I’m doing this because fiverr put the “Portraits” into Illustration category which seem not making sense while Cartoon & Caricature category already exists.

I always doubt about which category should my gig go for all these years. I wanna know which category will you rather go into first while want to purchase a drawn portraits.

Thanks for your vote.

  • Graphics Design > Cartoon & Caricature
  • Graphics Design > Illustration

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When I first started Fiverr, I went to illustration but now I go directly to cartoons/caricature.

The reason being is that I’ve gotten several done and some really realistic ones seem to fall in that category. Illustration seems to fall mainly under pencil drawing.


Yes, me too. Thanks for the info.


I would check through cartoons & caricature.