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Thanks … it is pleasure to see you


That’s not your logo design, you stole it from the internet. To have a gig, you need to change it with a custom one, or you may get banned.


Not only the lodo design, also the gig’s description is not the OP’s own…


This is nonsense, its my own logo, i made it by myself and i can prove it as i have the vector file


It’s my own logo and i have the vector file if the admin of the forum needs a prove .
As for the description. You are right, I was inspired by others


Sorry to say but no. It’s not inspiration, you copied your gig’s description from others.

Unless you want to be banned, I suggest you erase your gig’s description and make a complete new one of your own,


I will modify it ASAP .


I have just modified it


No case! You are still copying gig’s descriptions from others and that won’t get you far. In fact, if you continue doing so, it will only get you banned! It doesn’t matter if you only copy bits and pieces as you’re doing.

You must write something of your own, describing your gig with your own words the best you can.

If for whatever reason you feel unable to write it down or don’t know how to do it, ask someone - maybe a friend - to help you.