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😈 "If I were CEO of Fiverr, I would..."

If I were CEO of Fiverr, I would…

  • Revamp the levels system with multiple tiers that require more effort to earn and maintain.
  • Respect the opinions and input of top sellers (not “top rated” but high-earners with good reputation).
  • Stop messing with the algorithm.

What would you do? :blush:


I would ban the phrase “Dear Sir” as I hate it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding, I would definitely add some features, like on every three hundred 5-star reviews, every seller to be able to request a feedback removal (like on other platforms). I might improve the chat, and maybe create a desktop app for order management.


“Dear sir” and similar phrases should trigger the red box (just like “@” and “PayPal” do), with a popup/tooltip showing the seller alternative introductions :wink:

+1 That sounds like a solid idea to me!


We should sign a petition for this, and I am not joking. :slight_smile:


What do you mean BRO?

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I would , . ,

  1. Get rid of the 5 star rating ((as it’s about the most useless thing in distinguishing great from poor sellers))
  2. Ban sellers using celebrity photos
  3. Deny proofreading gigs that misspell “proofreading”
  4. Ban logo/illustrators that use stolen pictures from google

Just one thing: Insure sellers against PayPal chargebacks.

  1. Fix all the bugs— 4.7 star review app bug first.
  2. Stop all inbox messages when a seller goes on vacation mode.
  3. Stop all custom orders from being accepted when a seller goes on vacation mode.
  4. Allow bad reviews of established sellers to have a review for fairness and legitimacy from customer support.
  5. Automatically block copying of gigs by new sellers of old sellers.

6. Run any site changes that affect sales or how gigs are presented by actual top sellers first for feedback, and pay attention to the comments. We’ve had some downright frightening tests of new ideas lately such as the average sale price idea.


Interesting idea - some of us already have success managers, so why not create “review managers”, or “review assistants” for that specific purpose? :thinking: Nice!

I’d also add the idea of allowing a seller to block orders from an existing buyer when that buyer is being abusive or just trying to give you nightmares (I’ve had buyers who ordered even though they cancelled several times before, just because they forgot they cancelled or because they wanted to harass me :neutral_face: ) - if buyer was nasty, I should be able to put them on a blacklist and prevent further orders or communication.

My policy is this: if you cancelled on me before, I will likely not want to work with you anymore since I couldn’t help you in the first place - so why order from me again and again? :smirk:

And the whole cancellation system needs a revamp in my opinion - there are too many cancellations due to mistakes or from people not even reading or looking at what they purchase, and every time I have such a cancellation sales have a deep dive. Every single time - it can’t be a coincidence…


Make the buyer’s feedback just as visible as the sellers.


I agree with Mike. We need to be able to see all the reviews buyers have left for other sellers, and all the reviews they have gotten from sellers, just as our reviews are visible to all.

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I’m quite happy with the site overall as both a buyer and seller. If I had to choose, I would like to see:

  • Filter by country in search results
  • Crackdown on accounts that are clearly dishonest in some way (multiple sellers with same gig descriptions verbatim, fake pictures, exchanging reviews, etc)

I get called dear sir many times and im not a sir lol people just copy and paste messages without putting any thought into it


I hate being called “Dear Sir” because most of the buyers that have used that phrase with me cancelled the orders or threatened. Generally speaking, I also don’t like to be called “Sir” as in my opinion, that word is not good to be used for a young person. Also, I am a fan of the casual stuff, so it definitely, doesn’t suit me.

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You’re quite right - ‘Dear Sir’ is perfectly correct for a formal letter on paper, but OTT for Fiverr where using the username would be much more appropriate! :grinning:


I would

1.) make an option to view buyer’s full profile including their ratings, reviews, reputation, cancellation rate, spent amount in a certain period etc.
2.) be a little careful enough to make sure that no seller’s advertisement can be published in the buyer request section.
3.) allow the users to edit their username at least once in a lifetime. (my username was meant to be “Graphixunlimited” but mistakenly it has been “graphixunlimite”. I want it correct. :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:)


I totally agree with you.

My English teacher in high school told us that we should behave like real British persons, by being formal and using polite English with people, that we don’t know personally. That means if I were to contact you for a service, I should’ve said “Dear Sir/Madam”. In my opinion, unless you contact the government or another government-affiliated institution there is no need to being super formal.


Reduce the pending clearance and make visible attached file in the buyer requests for mobile app :grin:

Here is what, I have gotten from customer support. When I asked them about cancellations.

Additionally, our search algorithm will consider a “good” cancellation from a “bad” one when search rank is calculated. We look at when the cancellation occurred, if the cancellation could have been avoided, and who the buyer is when cancellation rate is factored.

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That sounds all lovely and pink, yet the fact is that every single cancellation has had a significant impact on sales, each one, be it a simple mistake or an abusive buyer - so, I don’t know, sounds very contradictory & confusing to me :confused:

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