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Sneaky Buyer trying to take advantages without booking. BUMMER

Just had this situation with this guy. He sent me a short audio clip and asked if I can fix it for him in the message, and he will consider if he wants to let me do the mixing. He didn’t book me for anything. I was concerning that he just want me to do the fix for free, so I sent back a mp3 instead of wav. After that, he really didnt show up anymore. I feel very uncomfortable with that. SCAM.

Anybody had similar experience?

of course,almost daily :slight_smile:

Never work upfront , simply say no


You should have added “audiojungle” every 10 seconds in the mp3 you have sent. That would really make him feel extra special… :smiley:


I agree - some audio watermark could have been added to the sample so it can’t be used (though you don’t want an audiojungle one). Maybe a beep every few seconds or some other audio the OP creates.


You could also raise a $5 order for the “sample” … don’t be a doormat …


Good for you. How sneaky!!!

So YOU sent the work for free and HE is a scam?

all you had to do is to say “great, I can fix it. It will be my this gig package for x$”.