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Sneaky Buyers - including extra requirements

I have noticed a pattern some buyers follow a lot. They will inbox you giving a proper description of work, what they want and ask you to give you a quote. Everything seems so perfect that you will feel pleased. But when they submit requirements on the order page they will mention something along the line, “It will be great if you include, etc, etc, etc”. Why do we need to include extra work, even adding a circle or word is an extra work which hasn’t been discussed or included in the quote. They had time to mention it when they had a conversation but no! They just put them on the requirements.

It’s so irritating and frustrating. Cancelling will hurt you, not including everything will give you a bad review. Either way, we suffer!


To avoid such kind of issue, I should recommend you add a note in your gig description that you’re not gonna make extra things, & during quotation keep notifying your buyer about no extra things! Clear communication between buyer & seller will have no chance of cancellation.

I assure you, I have discussed the details with the buyer for several hours for 2 days and not once they mention the additional work and no matter what I write in the gig description buyer will chose not to read.

Someone ordered a sketch from me but order it on a different gig (Not pencil sketch related). You say what we can do against this kind of absurd situations.

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