So, a few sellers that have a bad experience with the same buyer is not grounds for reporting them?


Me and a few others have this one buyer that has been a really bad experience, demands, rudeness and after not complying, wanting extras without payment - leaves bad reviews to the sellers afterward for just doing what they were paid for.

If all of us reported them for bad treatment of business and unfair demands - it’s not valid grounds yes? Sad… This is a case of someone who will always go around and do business in a toxic, mean way and there’s nothing we can do except leaving a bad review ourselves.

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You haven’t had any bad reviews on your account. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Are you asking hypothetically?


Since the person is very likely to leave a bad one cause they keep being very rude and not paying for extras that they demand - I’m feeling like my first one is incoming! I just want to be prepared, and after talking to the other sellers, they said the experience was awful, they got mistreated for their work and the client was rude. Same experiences. :confused:


You can actually contact support and report that buyer. First of all that behaviour is not acceptable goth fiverr TOS and they can be blocked just for that and secondly you can ask support to remove bad reviews if they are unfair. support can check all messages and if the buyer indeed left bad review just because you didn’t provide free stuff even after blackmail they might remove buyers review


Look on the bright side - it might never happen.

Is asking other sellers about a buyer the right thing to be doing though - makes the whole buyer feedback thing seem even creepier now to be honest. If you’ve got a problem with a buyer ask CS?


I didn’t care until I started to get this bad treatment, then I thought hmm… perhaps I missed their page reviews and I look and their good. And since I know sellers are mostly always just being professional and doing their work I looked into how this buyer rated these sellers who left the buyer 5 stars. Turns out most of them have 1 star and I was shocked, so I asked them what happened there? Seller said they were the worst client, ruined their stats just because they’ve said no to do extras for free. And also without answering or asking for edits, just posted bad reviews. Like, these sellers were saying the same things I was. We were all shocked of this behaviour.


Thank you for the insight!


It sounds like a TOS violation to do that. The odd thing is that while we can’t share what clients have told us we CAN leave reviews on them reporting on their bad behavior. It’s sort of blurring the line.


Can you show me this part in tos?
Why would I not be able to ask the seller after seeing they have one star, why they got the one star? What if I want to simply know before I buy from them? The stars are public and all names are public.


You can ask a seller anything you want to ask them. We are not supposed to share personal communications that our buyers have told us in any way.


I think breaching trust about private information on the buyer is violation, but asking the sellers experience is not? We only shared the fact that we had horrible experiences and that it seems like the buyer might be malicious.


You have to be careful if you discuss buyers with other sellers.


Let’s hope the buyer mentioned in this thread, who would surely be able to identify him/herself, isn’t actually reading it.

From the ToS:
Privacy & Identity - You may not publish or post other people’s private and confidential information. Any exchange of personal information required for the completion of a service must be provided in the order page. Sellers further confirm that whatever information they receive from the Buyer, which is not public domain, shall not be used for any purpose whatsoever other than for the delivery of the work to the Buyer.


I got no personal info of theirs, only their bad attitude.


I’d better hope no one reading this ever gets this buyer!


No, but you’re exchanging personal information about them with other sellers, asking about their behaviour with others etc. - it’s just creepy. Either cancel the order or report them to CS. :slightly_smiling_face: