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So.... about that FRAUD CHARGEBACK

Back on August 7th I had an order come in. I completed it on time and it was marked as such. Today I get an email that the money was returned to the buyer as they stated I was late??? WHAT!!! I have to assume Fiverr can see that it was delivered on time. Also, unless the buyer has been in a coma for the last 30 plus days, why is he just now complaining about it being late. Welp, I will be shutting down my gig and going back to just selling on my own site (Fiverr was an experiment for me). I am seeing other people complaining about the same thing so yeah… BYE :wave: :joy::joy:


It was a chargeback and fiverr has nothing to do with it. You most likely received second email saying that your client issued a refund with his bank or PayPal.

Reach out to fiverr CS with all proofs that order was delivered on time and they might be able to get your money back. Though it might take quite some time.


Thanks for the reply. Actually I am going to take the loss on this one and not pursue. If I have to show “proof” to Fiverr that it was on time then I definitely don’t need to deal with them. A company that knows how much time you have to complete a gig down to the second all of a sudden needs proof that something is on time…LMAO !! When the buyer/scammer complained that I was late that should have been the first thing Fiverr hit back with. No big loss, was just testing the waters, and although I got a good amount of gigs in the short time I was selling, this situation threw up a red flag. Thanks for responding regardless.

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Well then, I see you don’t need a solution and just care here to rant. Maybe then you should move your post to the “ranting pot category”.

I see that you didn’t read my message properly. If it was a chargeback fiverr wasn’t involved in it and your buyer just made a CHARGEBACK with their bank or PayPal.

And of course you always need to show a proof, no matter on fiverr or in real life. It’s like being accused in murder and saying in court that I don’t have to give you my alibi as you already should know it. And the same situation you present here.

You could’ve solved it with just a couple of email to fiverr CS but I guess you’d rather to spend this messages here on the forum.

Good luck anyway.

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Come to think of it, you may be right. Maybe I should not have said “Fraud Chargeback” I got two letters form Fiverr

  1. Hi knocksquared,
    Unfortunately, XXXXXXX has cancelled your order FXXXXXXXXXX, “Produce custom male, female or kid voice tags in 24 hours,” since you missed your delivery due date of Aug 07, 2019.

(my issue, I did not miss the delivery date and my account reflects that - THIS is something I feel Fiverr should already know)

2.Hi knocksquared,
Your order with XXXXXXX was canceled due to a dispute initiated by the buyer and/or their issuing bank.


The funds from this order were automatically returned to the buyer.

The Fiverr Team

So chargeback or no, it comes down to this, if Fiverr needs proof that something is on time, yet they know when you are late, I would rather not deal with it. Excuse my ignorance of the “Fiverr way” I should not have assumed they had a system in place to protect sellers. My Bad.

Oh and I appreciate your responses (other than that last comment about “spend messages here on the forum”) but I guess you couldn’t resist. No reply needed to this. Thanks