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So Am I Understanding that it's okay for Buyers to Change Their Feedback in Retaliation?

I am really upset right now. I responded to feedback of 3 stars with the reason why the buyer was upset. He then went back in and modified his feedback to a negative review because I aired his dirty laundry and told the truth -> he wanted free work. Now customer support (specifically Dan) will not do anything about it. So are customers allowed to modify their feedback in retaliation for what I write??? How is that fair?

If the buyer wanted to blackmail you into doing free work, make sure to make screenshots of the conversation that proves this. Then contact Customer Support to remove the negative feedback on grounds of it being done out of spite/blackmail. Insist on them doing this, especially if you get automated responses. Include that you cannot work it out with the buyer, that’s the first hurdle.

I have already contacted support. They are refusing to do anything about it and I am not going to let this lie.

I wouldn’t let the situation go either. I was curious so I took a look at your page. It should be obvious to CS, to anyone for that matter, what has happened to you. As a top rated seller, you should be important enough to the company that they would provide justice for you.

In the meantime, if it’s any consolation, your gig is impeccable. You have experience and excellent reviews, which is no easy task for someone with that many orders to maintain such great ratings. I feel like when comparing your work as a whole to the one bad rating of a scammer, no one would be deterred from purchasing your work. It doesn’t change the principle of the matter, I know. Just saying that I hope you don’t become too discouraged because you have every reason to be proud of yourself. Don’t give that bad buyer the pleasure of bringing you down, he/she isn’t worth it. Try to keep your chin up and keeping being the excellent seller your buyers know you are!

I just had a buyer revise their negative feedback after I left my feedback to explain the situation and defend myself. Same reason here. They wanted free work and are retaliating.

It is really sad. Dan asked me to “be patient” while they looked into the situation more. I then asked him if it was okay for buyers to do this. Of course silence in the peanut gallery.

I really do give up with trying to please everyone! It is like a mission impossible. There are just too many jerks out there!

@alb8475 I have wanted to write poor reviews several times for some of the Buyers I have had. I know exactly what will happen if I did. In return, they would come right back and change their rating out of spite. We can’t win here as a Seller rating Buyers. You should be able to view a Buyers rating and reviews just as they can see ours anyway. Tell me why the Buyers reviews are hidden and ours aren’t? I’d like to see Buyers ratings. Then us Sellers can be aware of which Buyers are bad news!

Today I am frustrated. I’m sick and tired of all the jerks on here. As a Seller I always go above and beyond, and there have been so many instances where I’ve put in a ton more work and time than I should have, all because there are demanding Buyers that expect a mansion when they’ve paid for a studio apartment. They will most certainly blackmail Sellers in getting exactly what they want for the least they possibly can and hold your rating hostage. Sometimes I feel more like a slave, than an appreciated Fiverr Seller offering my services here

I can’t believe buyers are allowed to change ratings. Fair enough if you talk to the seller and then increase the rating, but to make it worse?? By what logic is it possible for you to have a worse experience AFTER the gig is complete? I appreciate that for some gigs (like the ones that promise 1 month of something), you might be annoyed if it doesn’t happen, but don’t leave feedback until the gig is complete.

I hope something is done about this soon.

My advice is to stop, breath, relax, rethink this, the only way to make this straight is to talk it out with the buyer and offer a refund or ask for a way to fix this, apologise. That is your best solution, do you prefere a scar that will drag you down or to loose that amount of money ?

Old school: “customer is always right” If you blow out steam it will just drag you down :slight_smile:

Its the new fiverr 5 star B.S

As hard as you work as a Seller yet now Sellers are now the new underdog here.

Its like fiverr wants to lose all sellers.

Yet went that happens they will be like OMG we have no sales!!!

Its like a crazy person is running this site!!

P.s so sick of people saying not worry about your mess.

Its really great when they say that isn’t it?

Its like that finger you see riding up your butt and all keep saying tell it go even more!!

Reply to @youtubefun: lol I like the comparison.

Reply to @oranjewebdesign:


Well guys, apparently the new norm is for support to cancel orders when a customer emails support to ask a question. I have had 4 orders cancelled in the last 2 days and each time the customer has messaged me and asked why it was cancelled. It wasn’t supposed to be. Then I lost my TRS badge today and it is because of supports incompetence. I really need to talk to an editor about this entire situation. It is out of control and I am fed up!!!