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So Angry... Buyer Getting Free Work

This is the first time this has happened to me.

Buyer ordered $75 worth of work, I delivered.

Instantly they say, “This sounds like a robot, a collection of words, we will cancel unless you try again” - So I did, and followed their instructions EXACTLY - to talk in a conversational tone - and they respond “This is a robot. Please cancel”

WHAT THE H***? Out of my 600 orders this was just odd, because quite frankly, it just seems like they wanted free work. I’ve never had feedback like this.

Or… A BETTER THEORY!!! MAYBE I am just slowly turning into a robot trying to serve people like this!!!

This is my third cancellation this month. So unusual for me. The other two were ordered by mistake. It’s hard not to let it bum you out.


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Can you confirm that you are NOT a robot? because you sound very much like a robot to me…

LOL just kidding… cheer up :robot: , you’re just getting started. I got 4 scammers out of 700 orders…


Hahaha this made me bust out laughing.

I. am. not. a. ro. bot.

pro. mise.

Thank you on the perspective too. hehe

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I KNEW IT :joy: :joy:

OOPS! I blew my cover.

Now I’ll have to go live with Bender and survive on a steady supply of alcohol.

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your luck dear congratulations…

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I’m usually quite lucky :wink:

@voiceoverholly Sorry to hear that you went through this unfortunate situation

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Ah, it’s ok. I vented here, then laughed about it. I am feeling better now. :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear that you’re happy now…

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Why did you cancel?
Why are you angry if you gave the work away yourself - voluntarily.


And you cancelled? Why? Obviously they just wanted free work.

I would have absolutely refused!


I was fearful of a bad review… :confused: Still figuring out what is best in this scenario.

I suppose next time I will refuse? I have never had a bad review yet. And I have heard so many stories about CS not backing up sellers. Then what?


Too late now. sigh

A bad review is not bad at all. You won’t have any fewer orders.

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You’ve been around here for a long while, so I trust when you mean that. I hope I never run into this again, but if there’s a next time, I will stand up for myself and not get pushed around. :purple_heart:


You should have refused the cancellation in order to discover by yourself how Fiverr CS works.

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They will not agree to cancel an order if it is not justified.

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Okay, well it’s clear to me now that I’ve made a mistake.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll be more trusting of the process next time and let CS sort it out.


You have heard those stories because they are the ones people talk about and write about. You don’t hear about all the times CS refuses to cancel and tells the buyer to discuss it with the seller.

That’s likely what the buyer was counting on - I would not be surprised if this type of buyer targets those with no negative reviews as they are more likely to cancel. Every business gets some negative reviews, whether they deserve it or not as people can be weird! If someone has no negative reviews then they MIGHT be canceling to avoid negatives.

Remove the “I suppose” and question mark and you will feel better for it!