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So Angry Right Now!


I just got my TRS badge placed on hold because of customer support incompetence. I would really like to talk to an editor. This makes me really angry! Support is cancelling orders of mine when customers are just sending in questions. What is up with this???


When you say put on hold were you a TRS before ?

  • Your customers are sending questions to CS about their active transaction with you.

  • The questions are such that they make CS decide to just cancel their orders with you.

  • Now they are possibly taking away your top rated seller ranking.

    Is that right?

    Usually customers only contact CS about a transaction if they’re having a problem with it. Although, I think you expanded on this slightly in a different thread, to add your customers don’t know why it was even cancelled. I’m curious, do you know what they asked CS?

    You probably haven’t had any other answers in this thread because what you’re saying is vague, maybe you’re just upset and ranting a little. But it’s puzzling as it looks like you are a great seller, with many transactions and excellent feedback.


You look like a great seller, I am sure it will be resolved soon, but can certainly understand your frustration.

Was your account perhaps a victim of an account takeover?

I used to work for a large auction site and we would do things like this when someone had fallen victim to this, of course this is probably not the case, just the first thing I thought of when I saw your excellent feedback and number gigs completed.

All your gigs are active, which is great - are all the gig orders being cancelled or only some?

Only other thing I can think of, has there been any sort of a paypal dispute raised recently?


Actually I have had 2 technical tickets open for over 2 months which has caused me a lot of grief already. Technical Services has not been able to fix the issues. So a couple of customers have emailed support to ask them why their messages were not going through and instead of answering the question, support just cancels the orders. Then I have my customers messaging me and asking me why their orders were cancelled. This in turn has affected my cancellation ratio and I am suspended as of right now.


Reply to @ozzieuk: Yes, she had been.

@alb8475 I can’t remember how the stories were posted (under what heading), so I couldn’t find them to link to them, but I’ve read in the forums more than a couple times, that some TRS had unexpectedly and for no reason that they could discern lost their badges. Fiverr just up and demoted them, no warnings. One of these people said he wasn’t surprised, because he had seen it happen before to other TRS’s. His theory was this: if a TRS reaches a certain number of sales (he thought 3k or more), and seemed to get a hefty percentage of the orders in certain categories that Fiverr would every so often “clean house” in order to give other sellers a chance to achieve TRS. Another former TRS agreed. They had no proof except that no matter how hard they tried to find reasons, they just couldn’t! Both contacted CS and both received no answer to the question “Why did you take my TRS badge away? What did I do wrong?” Both these sellers having this discussion had excellent ratings, thousands of sales, no junk gigs. Others of us who were part of the discussion were shocked at the idea, and some people were disgusted, wondering why should we bother to work hard, if we could get kicked down at Fiverr’s whim?

I honestly have no answers, and I honestly don’t know if what these TRS’s were saying is really the truth. I haven’t seen either of them post on the forums for many, many months, so I don’t know offhand if they’re still Level 2’s or were given TRS badges again. But ever since I read that, I never bothered to waste my time over-worrying about what happens on Fiverr. I have lots of wonderful reviews, and my buyers’ happiness with my work is all I worry about. If I make lots of sales, great. If I don’t, oh well. I’ll never make TRS, and I don’t know if I would want to, knowing it could get yanked away at any time without it being my fault.


Reply to @celticmoon: Curiously, would it be if sales dropped by a certain level? That doesn’t really seem fair given the work that goes into getting enough excellent ratings consistently to make TRS level though. I’d be pretty disappointed if I made TRS (and that is a while away yet) and then it was just taken away from me even if I had broken no rules and so forth. Not to mention what has happened here with Fiverr cancelling orders. One could make assumptions if the ratings of the original poster were bad, but that is not the case at all, which leads me to think - is it a drop in income that is causing sellers to lose their TRS badges?


Reply to @celticmoon: Wow! If that’s true, it’s a shame. I don’t think a TRS is demoted by the automated system. I think it would have to be someone on the staff that actually looked at the account and made that decision. So, if it’s as alb8475 has communicated here, I’m having a difficult time thinking of any other explanation. After looking at her gigs, it looks like she has provided an incredible service. Maybe they’ll give her rating back? I hope so.


Reply to @typingservice, @alysmcdonough: It’s unsettling. It changed my attitude, that’s for sure. As soon as it’s not enjoyable to be here, I’ll probably leave, knowing that Fiverr has little sense of loyalty toward me, so why should I stay loyal to them?

I agree about @alb8475’s gigs and from her reviews, it’s obvious she gives that good customer care Fiverr always encourages of us. The main difference between her and the other former TRS’s I mentioned is the number of sales. She has lots, but not the level that they speculated tended to trigger Fiverr’s attention and subsequent demotion (one person thought it was 3 or 4 thousand). I’m going to try again to find that old thread, but if I’m recalling correctly, there was no drop in number of daily sales to account for losing the TRS badge. In any case, both of them specifically tried to get a straight answer from CS and never got one. It seems like “we’ve noticed you’re not producing the same high number of sales” would be at least remotely a reason rather than…silence.

And besides, I know of several TRS on the site who don’t even sell gigs anymore. They have nothing but their old tip gigs activated. THOSE accounts certainly don’t have any sales to speak of!

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I’m trying to find an old forum conversation about sellers losing their TRS without good reason, which I still can’t find because it was NOT the original topic of the post, but I can’t believe how many similar posts I’m finding! People who claim they’ve done NOTHING wrong, or at least nothing warranting losing a level, and getting no good reason given by Fiverr for the demotion. (this guy got demoted for his cancellation rate…but who knows how many were cancelled by CS?)

And there are more~

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Reply to @celticmoon: I used to LOVE a particularly large auction site and became a powerseller (only a bronze one but still). I have just under 5000 feedbacks and at a time lived, breathed and sung the praises of how wonderful a place it was. I even got a job working there (until they made us all redundant so our jobs could be done offshore). I did still dabble in the selling but they kept doing so many things that were just so irritating - essentially trying to kick mum (or mom! haha) and dad sellers off the site. Not by telling them to leave but just by making it a little bit more difficult to make a dollar.

The last I heard was they were charging fees on not just the value of the item but the postage as well, so yeah considering you lose out three times in the selling process there (ie listing fee, their commission, and then paypals fees for accepting money) it hardly seems worth it. Fiverr for now (and hopefully for a very, very long time to come is my favourite place to be in the whole universe and I love the opportunities it has bought me. If they did the same to me as they did the original poster, I would be highly displeased but if I still had my badge and could receive orders, I would just continue as I am as it really is just a badge. However, the issue here is that the sellers orders have been affected which is really not cool. We are only hearing one side of the story though, so who knows what has happened here.

I’ll have a browse through those threads later.


Reply to @celticmoon: I got distracted and read those threads. The one about order cancellation particularly bothered me. I think it is highly unfair that if a seller tries to cancel a gig mutually and there is no response from the buyer that the seller is then hit with a cancellation. If one is a high number of gigs coming in you are bound to get people like this that either don’t read listings first, don’t attach the necessary information, and yet is is the sellers fault if the buyer doesn’t cancel, so that to me would make sense as to why sellers were losing their TRS (although it is not fair)


So I was told that my cancellation ratio had gone up by 1% and that was why my TRS badge was put “on hold”. Since then my ratio had now gone down 1%. I don’t understand why I lost it when Customer Support cancelled orders that did not have any request to be cancelled. It makes no sense. The funny thing is that my orders have now gone up…


That is the “usual response”, apparently, from CS.

I have a couple issues with that, though, because Fiverr doesn’t say how long of a time period they’re considering, and why don’t they give the seller a chance to do a promotion push on their gigs before taking away the badge? That’s very unfair. But even worse, I think, is that there are Top Rated Sellers on Fiverr with no sales, because they’ve taken down their gigs. They just have Tip Gigs in case anyone want to donate to their lives, I guess. They still have profiles and TRS badges and NO sales whatsoever. So what’s the point of even having the designation?

Oddly, that post-TRS bump in sales happened to some other former TRS’s, but eventually most of them left the site. I don’t know why, of course, just that they’re now gone.

Anyway, as I mentioned, learning this about how Fiverr works completely changed my attitude. When it’s not fun anymore, I’ll just leave, because I know Fiverr has no sense of loyalty towards their sellers.


Reply to @celticmoon: I agree… I am still a top rated seller but due to some clients that can’t even read what I’m writing in the description of the gig… I can only assume that someone is going to make a complaint to CS or something and I’ll get demoted t oo :slight_smile: I am expecting anything like that… I won’t be surprised but I won’t bother to think about it… it’s just not worth it.


Reply to @alysmcdonough:

I very much like your positive attitude towards fiverr and its CS.

In my case they have explained why they TOOK AWAY MY EXTRAS on one particular gig but they can not provide me with information when do I get it back exactly.

Read here:

Fiverr is maybe not aware of the implications of their cause as I am loosing money and they do too as this is my most profitable gig and very rare service here.

What’s more I am only level one seller and already bullied. That is certainly way forward!


Well I just had another order cancelled by Customer Support after it had already cleared and I had delivered on time. I just sent in a ticket to ask why that was. I am really getting tired of all this. It really makes me mad!!!


This is really disturbing to say the least… why try to even get TRS if it’s yanked away. To be completely honest, I’ve given up hope long ago for being a TRS myself. I just don’t care to try for it anymore. My clients know how good I am, and that’s all that matters. TRS is nothing more than a carrot dangling in front of a rabbit that’ll never get it. And, i’m not going to be wolf bait. I am the wolf… :slight_smile:


Why do we even have customer support to begin with if they are not going to help? I sent in 5 ticket numbers to Sheana and she told me that each customer requested to have their order cancelled when I have a copy of each of their tickets that they sent in and not one requested that. I am beginning to think that CS lives in an alternate reality and its obviously not mine.


Right about now I don’t care whether or not I get my TRS back if they are going to continue to act like such idiots! I even asked to speak with someone above them and of course they avoid that request.