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So Annoying! Fix Por Favor!

“You’re viewing Fiverr in Español. You can change this preference below.”

That is what I get “every time” I log out and log in or I am auto-logged out and come back.

I know I am from “Spain” and I know I speak, read and write “Spanish” but I do “NOT” want to view Fiverr in Español!

The auto translation that Fiverr offers is as pathetic as the attempt to reach out to the Spaniard community, with all due respect.

Please, fix this bug because it is “annoying” to have to change this so many times a day.

Thank you in advance,

Yep, thanks for the support! ¬¬

Seriously, it’s fucking annoying!
The announcement went away… now it doesn’t even ask me… I am SOOOO tired of going into my profile and changing this… seriously… no solution is available?


this is not a BUG, it´s a feature :slight_smile:

Based on your location, Fiverr “tries” as most webpages, to offer you the local version of the webpage.

For sure there is a cookie set it this progress, if you delete it, or “overwrite” it by manually selecting your preferred Fiverr language version, the “problem” is solved.

As this is, from the developers point of view, not a bug, but a feature (yeah old but still good developers running gag :slight_smile: there won´t be changes at all in that behaviour!


Thank you for your response.

It doesn’t “offer” it “forces” someone to see Fiverr in the region language. I feel sorry for US military stationed in other countries.

I am serious… it doesn’t even ask me anymore and it gets REALLY annoying having to change it every time.


well imo it is really a minor issue and as said before, once the cookie is set, the “issue” is solved until you open again a link to another Fiverr language subdomain.

And the US military forces are really a very very very small interest group, compared with the rest of the world population :wink:

Oh, I made a separate topic about this, sorry. But it’s definitely not a feature and a glitch at this stage. Very annoying and a real productivity killer. It’s very specific to us though (also living in Spain), so I don’t have high hopes that it’ll get fixed anytime soon.

Agreed! It actually wouldn’t be that bad if the “translation” was accurate but it is PATHETIC…

Spanish speakers are also a very very very small interest group, compared to English speakers… so I don’t see the pathetic attempt from Fiverr to reach out to them.

Spanish native speakers: 470 million

English native speakers: 360–400 million

Source: Wikipedia :slight_smile:

Actually, I’m sorry but it would be pretty much as bad for me. It’s just the hassle of changing it every single time I load the site.

I used to get an email notification, click on the link and just start typing a response. Now I have to change the language, plus the currency!

I have been patient and I have been grinding my teeth with this subject… but I have come to the conclusion that they are ****ing **********! I just don’t see any other explanation for this.

I received a solution a few hours ago and it seems that it is working perfect. The same way I complaint, I also take my time to say “thank you”.
On the other hand I need to point out that babibalubi was COMPLETELY wrong with his “analysis” in this whole situation.


I am writing you in regards to feedback you provided in a recent customer satisfaction survey. Your comments and feedback are very important.

You wrote “Please fix your language bug. Yes, I live in Spain. No, I do NOT want my fiverr in spanish. Thank you!”.

We’ve been going through a lot of changes with our multiple language sites. Fiverr is not supposed to work this way now. You should have a choice. Please try clearing your cache/cookies if you know how. For more information, see:
If you have any other issues, please let me know.

Thanks and Good Luck,
Ben, Fiverr-Care">


in my first answer in this thread I wrote:

“For sure there is a cookie set it this progress, if you delete it, or “overwrite” it by manually selecting your preferred Fiverr language version, the “problem” is solved.”

In my opinion this is exactly the same as customer service wrote you now :slight_smile: