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So apparently blocked users can send offers?


Hey, so I blocked a bad seller who was basically harassing me with his messages asking me to change my rating, blaming me because of that and I blocked him about 2 weeks ago from the messages section.
Now I log in and find a custom offer sent by him, what is this? anyway to block all communication with him?


Yeah the block button on Fiverr doesn’t really do too much tbh


I’d go ahead and report him to customer service, but keep in mind that if customer service doesn’t do anything about it, there’s nothing else you can do.


first time to hear this


That’s awful. I don’t really get it when sellers reach out to buyers and ask them to change their review. I know a lot of people on this site do it and it’s the norm, but I started as a buyer so maybe that’s why I have the buyer viewpoint. If I received poor service, I would want to be able to leave a review that reflects that. Reviews don’t just cover the final product, but the experience too, so offering a revision can’t fix a poor experience (like if the seller was short with me or didn’t respond to questions, etc). I would feel so awkward if I left a negative review and then I had the seller reaching out to me to change it. It would make me so uncomfortable and so I’d never do that to one of my buyers. If I get a poor review, I’ll take what the customer said into consideration and move on. Anyway, if I were you I would just ignore them and wait for them to move on.


I know. TBH the reason I left bad review (2.5 stars) was because I asked him to do draw something in a specific way because he said he was an “expert” in photoshop, at the end he just crop images and put them together. I then told him, please, add glasses, he added some glasses made in paint ad said "sir is this all?"
Just when I was going to say, this work is absolutely nothing about what I asked you for but I will take it thanks, but before I sent the message he said “sir please answer, I have other orders”, I said, “ok, I will take it” because I saw he did not have any experience in photoshop, in fact, I doubt he even use that program to edit.
Funny tho is that he lied, he hasnt had any order since I ordered, I was his first customer. And then he kept blaming me because my reputation killed his “career” (lol). Then when I stopped replying he said “come on sir, order again and give me good reputation FOR YOU AMERICANS 5-10 DOLLARS IS NOTHING”


You can bring this notice to customer service. So the seller may be get ban the account. If you wish.

Option is yours.


Yep, agree, the block button is pretty useless.

There are many of us sellers who would like to see badly performing or scam sellers banned. It doesn’t help us to have buyers who visit the site and have a bad experience so please report this seller to Customer Services.


I’ve used that button on spammers and they keep right on sending more spam.


You take the notice to fiverr customer service.


All you need to do is to report the user