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So blocked users can still place orders?


I had a guy message me recently about a gig. No problem, I explain to him what I offer and ask what he needs.

He tells me what he’s looking for and so I give him the price. He then says his budget is much lower and only asks to remove one or two small items from the package list. On top of this, his requests kept changing and so I decided to block the user and to not do business with him.

Just now, he placed an order and started a gig with me for the low-balled price, despite being blocked.

What gives? Also, it is pretty annoying that you need to report the person’s posts to be able to block them in the first place.



You can only block them from messaging you, not from ordering. They can order any time.


That seems a little broken to me.
If I don’t want to speak with someone anymore, why would I want to do business with them and put a review in their hands?

How do you stop a person from submitting $5 order requests?


Well, its Fiverr’s way, it’s not in our hands to make it different.

There’s no way to do it, sorry.


Don’t offer anything for $5.


If it’s not a custom order then you will deliver what’s included in your gig.
If the user wants something extra then you can add it to the existing order.


@jordancolesie i am totally agree with @maitasun
You can only block them from messaging you, not from ordering. They can order any time.


Wow, I didn’t realize that! That is definitely not a good thing. Like @jordancolesie said, why on earth would I work with someone I don’t even want to talk too? Fiverr should take a look at this.


Hi,just bcaz fiverr need business or say buyers.and we ppls r on fiverr we have comply the rules and regulations of the


My life became 100% easier the moment I got out of 5$ zone. Having 15$ as minimum filters out unpleasant buyers


Ah realized replied to wrong message, never mind :smiley:


Just setting that up myself! $15 minimums makes everyday 3x more worth it.


Hell I flex my price as I am busier and less busy. The more busy I am the high my price goes now!


Whaat?? I didn’t know this either! Yikes


That’s absolutely true! I did the same and it changed a lot of things for me. I still get some here and there that come through (leaving out purchasing rights etc.) but far better than before.


I really wanna get rid of my $5 option, especially now that I’m a Level 2 seller.


If I remember it right I did it as I became level 2 as well :slight_smile: maybe even earlier.