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So blocking isnt really blocking?

I had a buyer who was saying inappropriate things and spam messaging me. Even had to personally email me his requirments because he said fiverr wouldn’t send… im like ok But thats not even the main reason I blocked him. After the gig was completed and accepted, he asked for an add on or I guess he felt the job I did was short and he wanted it to be longer. So I obliged despite the gig being complete just because I want my buyers to be satisfied. And the add on wouldn’t cost him anything as his request was well within the realm of what he purchased. After I completed that, he continued to spam message me and making weird requests, even ones that would require me to go off fiverr and possibly meet him. Then he tried to say I didn’t complete the job. For ■■■■ sake. So I blocked him. today I got some more spam messages from him… below it said this user is blocked and can no longer contact you (as it should because I blocked him)… But that makes no sense because i blocked him like a week ago. If he can no longer contact me how is he contacting me right now?

The job was 100% completed. He accepted it. I obliged an out of order request just to satisfy the customer. Now he’s just being weird. I get what users were saying when they said buyers have all the power. I blocked this user and they still letting him spam message me.

Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, Fiverr blocking system is not as good as it should be. Even if you block a buyer via inbox, he/she can buy your gig without your prior permission and can spam you on the order page. Alas, we sellers are helpless here.
I would suggest you to contact CS. They may help you if they take this case seriously.

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Thats really annoying, I have been grown up by tolerating these

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