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So Bored


No work to do… Just completed the last 2 jobs in my queue. I need more html/css/web programming jobs. Any advice?


Marketing! Start or update your blog geared towards your gig. Get social by meaningfully tweeting, posting and linking. Make connections by responding to posts from those following you across your social networking platforms. If all of this sounds like too much, there are 100’s of quality marketing seller’s in the fiverr marketplace that can help you out with all of this. When you’re not delivering on your gig, you should be working externally to drive your very own traffic here and to make your gig BIGGER. Trust me it works, but it takes time and effort.


Just like Dion said… use the time to promote yourself in all your available outlets and look for some new ones. And it’s a good time to go through the forum, find new ideas and just participate with the community.