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So, businesses still can't use AMEX, or PayPal, or a credit card to add funds?

It’s 2020, and although our company would use Fiverr quite a bit for small graphics design tasks, it looks like we still can’t:

  • Use AMEX
  • Use PayPal
  • Add funds to a business account via a credit card (or PayPal)

Correct me if I’m wrong, please. If I’m right…what are you doing, Fiverr? Do you just not want money from businesses? Astounding.


I use PayPal to purchase gig on Fiverr.

We are all buyers and sellers here.


PayPal cannot be used to fund a business account. Unless I’m missing something.

My husband has a PayPal business account for his drum business.

Again, that’s not the issue.

Funding a fiverr business account is the issue. Meaning: the way businesses pay for fiverr services, is archaic. No credit card “add funds” possibility, no AMEX, no PayPal.

You can use paypal though?

Suggest you read the updated Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

There is a section on Fiverr Business.

If you require further help suggest you contact Customer Support as we are just buyers and sellers on the forum.

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