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So close and yet so far


Currently at 44 orders, 6 away from my Level 2 badge, and yet it seems like it’s so far away. Still looking for exposure, fiverr said that they’ve moved my gig up in the rankings, but still very few orders. Tips still needed.


The ‘legally binding contract’ one is very interesting, HOWEVER, that handwritten sign? Made me think immediately that it was a joke gig and you handwrote silly ‘legal contracts’. I laughed, until I went into the gig and saw that you were serious. If you either replace the sign with a sample contract you’re holding up or get rid of it and you might see more sales.

Actually a video explaining what sort of contracts you’ll draw up would probably be very enticing and useful to the customer. Its’ really a good gig.


Reply to @crcanny: Hwy, thanks for the feedback. I’ll definitely need to take a new look at that one. Basically, the contract would be a completely typed, printable sheet of paper. I better think that one over, lol. Thanks very much, I’ll consider all of this now.


Thanks to @crcanny’s advice, I just updated my photo and video with what my service is exactly. Thanks so much again for your help.


Awesome! Glad you agreed. I think people would like to have someone give them very basic legal help for everyday things that won’t cost $99.99 or whatever Legalzoom is. But it has to look mostly professional from Minute One. :smiley:


People are seeming to like it right now, have 5 orders done so far, and it just got me Level 2 status, so depending on when fiverr awards it to me, I’m excited!


=D> Told you it was a good gig. grin


Reply to @crcanny: :slight_smile: I appreciate it a bunch! :slight_smile:


Welcome to Level 2 and the Start of something GIG!


Reply to @anarchofighter: Thanks, glad to finally be here! :smiley: