So close to being done here


I had a ‘glitch’ on my gig (verified by customer support). For some reason all my gigs went down to 12 days delivery time as opposed to 20 days delivery time (still not fixed but they are working on it). As a result, I have plenty of people try to take advantage of me. Ordering 80+ articles at a time. Despite knowing it is a glitch they demand in 12 days. It is impossible. I want to cancel…oh no, that means losing my level. I leave open…oh wait, they cancel and negative feedback. People are just so demanding when it comes to things. They are getting a cracking deal for just $5.00. The glitch has meant that the delivery times creep over 20 days too (I can only write 100 articles a day max, which means people are getting things even later than 12 days due to the select few that took advantage of the situation…).

The thing is, people know it is a glitch as when you order my gig it says 20 days delivery time, not 12. :confused:

I also am annoyed that a buyer is allowed to roam freely around Fiverr despite issuing a chargeback against me of $200 and she keeps the money and I get nothing. Customer support thinks this is fair. It’s not…it really isn’t. If I so much as mention my email address (which I will never do) in a message I will lose my level. This person is allowed to continue to be a TRS despite issuing a charge back.

I have a negative feedback on my account now which is a flat out lie (saying I never gave promised bonus articles for a delay), they got them. There is proof they got them. I am told I need to sort it out with the buyer…I mean, what is there to sort out? They got bonuses and got to leave me negative for no reason (also the gig was about 10 days late, not three months like the feedback says…all down to this glitch).

And then the general ‘omg give me a bonus’ on top of everything just because they order a lot. Or 'OMG lets update a gig with ‘information coming soon’ not give it for 20 days and then cancel when it goes late just because we gave Ryan an hour to read through what we said’

I am just…so done with people. Don’t get me wrong, some people make me love writing here. Not the ones who demand the world for an incredibly low price </3 I mean…I can’t cancel as soon as they give ‘information’ as it looks bad on me.


You can write 100 articles a day?


Reply to @ghostblogger: I’m a very fast writer. Most things have been written so many times I know exactly what needs to be written for everything…all being well I can pump out 6 high quality and unique articles an hour. If research needs to be done my girlfriend finds out information before I come to the gig and gives me an outline for an article. She then prints it off and I work from this. It does put a strain on my hands so I don’t do it often. In the last week though I have written 654 articles.


I definitely feel ya, Ryan, and you handle so much! You’ve got a good partnership going with your girlfriend. My husband has nothing to do with my work unless it’s in his subject of expertise. 100 per day is a lot though and will lead to burn out. I can write between 5 and 6 per hour but won’t do it for hours at a time because of the burn out I suffered a couple of years ago.

I thought you were going on holiday, anyway, and your gigs were suspended.


I definitely feel ya and that is bs…but holy cow i can’t write more than 3 or 4 short stories a day if I were to get a lot of orders at once. for you to write so many articles is freaking unbelievable. i’m not a slow typer i just like to work at a slower pace. When i write articles, homework assignments, or blogs I can type really fast and I write on the fly. I commend you for doing such awesome work. You must get some good orders and make good money. Good luck with all those orders and hope this issue gets fixed.


i think the problem is fiverr have grown too big, and individual users don’t matter anymore.

My gripe is getting my video approved by the ‘content editors’ now, never a problem before with gigs being accepted by the ‘content editors’ but for some reason they’re hell bent on not letting me include this video with my latest gig :

No different in content to any of the other video’s I’ve done, except I’ve spent a lot of time on it, and this one’s a bit shorter than most of the others I’ve done, running for 1:30sec and just 20Mb in size (well below the 50Mb file size limit)

Obviously, the dickheads don’t realize there’s a whole bunch of fiverr “clone” sites out there… …and continously rejecting a video that should not be rejected is not only denying me of income, but fiverr’s balance sheet as well. Where did the business sense go? I really enjoyed fiverr until recently, now I’m so frustrated, I’ve begun migrating my gigs to other sites.


I’d say “So close to being done here” is a recurring theme, but it looks like a load of folks have already moved on. Sad and frustrating - I’m glad to see it’s still worth it for some of you, though. :slight_smile: