So close to being done with Fiverr


Customers really don’t appreciate just how much value they are getting for $5. They don’t realise just what I need to go through to make sure all of their articles go in on time, or at least so they can get their articles. Every day for the past month I have worked 20 hours minimum, my body is close to breaking and YET people beg every day for free articles as they ordering so many, tell me to hurry up on their gigs even though there is 5 days left on the clock, threaten with negative if I do get their gigs in on a certain amount of time, threaten me (somebody said this to me for being 2 days late: “DO YOU THINK 22 DAYS IS A REASONABLE TIME TO COMPLETE A JOB YOU LYING CHEATING LITTLE PRICK” (this was back in January, still affects me) and I just can’t deal with it. I pause my gig, open it up again after a week (as I heard you can lose levels if you don’t take many orders) which is great, yet I get ‘please give me bonus free articles’ on new orders almost every single day. People saying 20 days is too long for delivery, and it sucks. It really sucks and it makes me sad. Nobody should need to put themselves through this. I am sure many don’t realise that there is a person on the other end of the keyboard. I can’t help being late, I really can’t. If I could give everybody all the time in the world I would. I want customers to be happy, hence why I have only ever received bad feedback for orders not delivered on time. sigh this was meant to be my full time job, but I have effectively ruined my gig as I cannot work harder than I already am :slight_smile:

rant over


I am sorry for ranting on here. It seems only sellers understand that we are people sigh everybody else thinks they have some entitlement, no matter how many articles they order.



I would recommend changing your offer to "I will write 1 x 500 Word Unique Articles and Pass Copyscape for $5"

Just from your posts in the forum I can tell you’re a great writer. Give yourself a raise.


I am going to raise the price soon :). So hopefully that will take some stress off me. To be honest, most of my regular customers actually pay $5 for one article as they know the value that they are getting, which is good!

This message made my day though:

"Hey Mate,

I’m a student in Paisley, UK and looking for someone who can do my dissertation Undergraduate. This has to be academically written with proper references and everything. The dissertation has to be 15,000 words and due in 3 weeks. How much will you charge?


I got quite a sense of satisfaction telling him to write his own dissertation. I wrote three of them at university (all on law) and they took about 3 months of planning each, including many restless nights in a library :o On the plus side, once I didn’t even know I was writing for somebody’s school, and I got told I got him an A+ which is good, because I know absolutely nothing about the theory of hairdressing 0_o


Toughen up Soldier!!! Get out there and start writing those papers and stop your bellyaching!!! Are you a baby or are you a Marine?

Like my pep talk? :smiley:


Some ppls rejecting logos like 3 Or 4 times! After all they want me to send all source files, Including rejected designs. Hope admins can understand situation’s like this


Reply to @beatcraigslist:

hijacks thread

Soldiers are NOT Marines!!! growls

back on topic

I will write 2 x 500 Word Unique Articles and Pass Copyscape for $5

Ryan, you should really consider selling only 1 ‘500 word article’ for $5… you are undercharging what you are worth… I am a poopy writer and I’ve sold articles for 2 cents a word before… you should be working for more!


I agree with MrsPanda. Start charging more. You’re a top rated seller. If someone threatens you with negative reviews for doing exactly what you are advertising you need to report them.

arnevb said: Tell them that you have 20 days to complete, that requests of early delivery will be ignored when the buyer does not order extra fast delivery.

Yeah, that's definitely important. I had someone ask me if I could do the order in 2 hours once when I was backed up 20 orders and she didn't want to buy the gig extra. Just add a note that if the buyer wanted it done faster, they can opt to buy the gig extra. :)


Take a deep breath, Ryan. It seems you’ve just had problem after problem with buyers who just don’t understand the hard work that you put in. Maybe you should direct them here when they start complaining :wink:

I’d definitely recommend decreasing the amount of work you do for the base rate. I would never consider offering 2 500 word articles for $5! It isn’t worth the money and it puts you under much more pressure to complete to a high standard. Reduce it to one and you’ll soon find that you can handle much more on a daily basis and it will be worth it again. This is just going to lead to burnout and will make you ill!

As for bonus articles. Why do people think that they can get something for free? I’ve had people message me before about getting an extra free one because they’ve ordered so many but simply refuse. Fiverr is already a discounted rate. I can understand if you promise them before of being late but not if they are just ordering.

Haha, love the one from the guy doing his dissertation. I’ve had people message me about doing homework reports, dissertations and all that. I’ll happily proofread for them but not write anything. I had some guy ask me to write out a story for his daughter’s GCSE and to make sure it was at an A* level…she was to copy it for her exam…I had to work my butt off to pass my GCSEs to a high standard (and didn’t get an A* in any of them) and have had to work my butt off through college and uni - and still am - and I hate when people ask for me to do their work for them! Good for you for telling the guy no!


I know it’s hard but just try to let it get to you personally.

If someone’s abusing you or threatening you in some way, report them.

And as integritymedia says:

integritymedia said: I would recommend changing your offer to "I will write 1 x 500 Word Unique Articles and Pass Copyscape for $5"

I don't know if you get any more money out of $5 when you're a top rated seller, but I personally only get $4 which works out about £2.60 for us here in the UK. Don't do too much for so little, if they want more and they aren't 'tight' then they'll pay the extra money.

Good luck mate! :)


I think a lot of us go through what this seller is going through.

People simply don’t understand the value of what some of us offer here.

They also don’t know we only get $4 of $5.

To Ryan - My advice is first of all don’t let any of this get to you. Lay down your ground rules (set your boundaries) in the gig description. No free articles No early delivery demands and upsell the ability for them to rush the order there. Whatever problems you have with buyers , keep tweaking your description. When it starts stressing you out , find a way to stop it. You may get less sales being nicer but it’s not worth you stressing out about it. It looks like you are pretty straight forward when it comes to to letting your customers know what to expect.

Lots of buyers on here expecting to slave drive us for $5. I don’t give them the time of day. I have no problem sending people on a guilt trip. One tried to say if I give him one of his extras on my video gigs for free it would be good karma cause he was spreading the word of God. I told him , better karma would be to accept my already cheap price and to consider tipping rather than me sacrifice myself anymore for the $4 I got from his $5. Good karma maybe , but at the cost of selling myself even shorter. Thats the best “No” I could have given him. But at least he knows 2 things.

  1. I value myself more than what I’m offering my services for here.
  2. He now knows he’s only really paying me $4.

    Good luck!


Many thanks for the responses :o I think I am going to change my price sooner rather than later :o I mean, only 5 negative feedbacks, none of them for the quality but more ‘cancelled as late’ out of well over a thousand complete orders must mean I am worth more :o I do appreciate that many of my customers are coming back, even if they are delayed considerably, shows many people do care about what I attempt to offer here, which is always appreciated! :o i’ll just hammer away for now and forget about the ‘bad people’, it will stress me, but i won’t get it get to me too much! I am going to update my text to say no free articles or faster delivery, see if that helps!


Ryan, the only things you can change is yourself and your gig. Zarklon is right – make that description very straightforward and lower your offering. People will and do take advantage, that’s just a sad fact of life. “No” is a complete sentence … use it early and often. hugs you :x



I couldn’t attach articles this morning due to HTTP errors (4am) and informed the customer I was going to sleep as I had been working for around 30 hours straight writing. He just left a message saying “you’ve been asleep 5 hours, please attach them now”


I should not have said I will deliver them earlier for him, but he was posting every day “are they ready yet” “if they aren’t ready then I will cancel”, sigh


I love all the advice you’ve been getting here on this “rant” - what a supportive and helpful community!


Chin up dude… Pause those gigs… and know we’re all rooting for you to come through this !


Reply to @mrspanda: Thumbs up from an Army girl! :slight_smile:


I’m tired, this guy is getting even more demanding with what he wants :slight_smile: based on the dates he gives, I need to get 48 articles into him every day. Gah, I give up :slight_smile: