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SO Close to Making Level 2: I'm Getting Excited!

Maybe it’s arbitrary and won’t change the day-to-day experience very much for me, but I’m excited about making Level 2 Seller! I’ve been on the site for a long time - technically joined up all the way back in 2010 - but only started selling in July 2019. I’m at $1950 earned now with a $45 order active, so I’m very close to crossing that magic threshold and all my other metrics are “green” and ready to go.

Maybe I’ll celebrate with overhauling my gigs when the time comes, maybe working with a fellow seller to get some videos made for them or something. :slight_smile:

What’s it like at Level 2, fellow sellers? Curious if I can expect much difference from the Level 1 experience.


Congratulation :slight_smile: may you achieve more success in your life.
People say in level 2 they get more orders than level one.

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It depends a lot on your field, I can speak from my experience. Level two is the default (ofc there are fluctuations month to month due to stat drops) for professional / full time sellers. It’s significantly better than level 1, on average, at least as good as the jump from no level to level 1.

Appreciate the input. I’m already getting a TON of orders…I might have to drop the low-ROI stuff like editing and focus on my stronger ROI gigs like product descriptions. I would specifically love to just turn out Shopify product descriptions all day long, I find it very fulfilling work :smiley:


Get ton of orders? Time to up the price!

Hey @thatwordchick,
you are one of the people who has inspired me to work in this field. you are a kinda role model to me. I’m very glad to find you in the forum.

I have many things to learn from you as a newbie. Please can I pm you?
And thanks for inspiring me.

Best regards
KM Hassan

Congrats moreevar :heart::heart::heart: