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So Confused It's Not Even Funny 😂

I am trying to make my first ever withdrawal to my bank from Fiverr. I thought everything would be done through Fiverr, only I am redirected to Payoneer. Okay, cool, I set up the Payoneer account and now went back to the Fiverr account to attempt to send the money again. Fiverr sends me a code, I added the verification code. Fiverr sends me a message that they have sent an email to me. No email. Am I receiving emails from Fiverr? Yes, because I just got a message that my order is ready.

Please, can somebody explain to me how I go about withdrawing the money through Fiverr? This is me on my knees begging for information cause I’m confused.

Why does the email link send me back to the Fiverr withdrawal page?

I don’t know anything about Payoneer since I use Paypal for withdrawals but does Payoneer instantly give you an account?

If you are trying to directly withdraw to your bank account I’m not sure why you got redirected to Payoneer.

Yes, they were very fast in responding. The issue with Paypal is they don’t cater to non-US customers. After about 99 clicks it seems the payment finally went through but thanks so much for responding.

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I think you will get email, in few minutes, max 10 min. :grinning:

Because bank transfer goes through Payoneer.

Withdrawals (at least to Payoneer) have been buggy lately, I’m glad it worked for you!

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I am not sure if it has worked out yet. In my Fiverr it says transaction successful but in Payoneer it’s still showing a $0 balance.

I withdraw to Payoneer card and get the funds in 2-3 days (when I get the confirmation email, I can choose between standard load (officially takes 2 days, but with the time zone difference, it’s more like 3) and immediate load (2-3 hours)). I’m not sure what’s the normal waiting time for bank transfer, or whether there’s a confirmation email for that.

At First You need to Connect Your Payoneer Account with Fiverr , it takes 4-5 Hours Sometimes 24 hours , after Connect your payoneer with Fiverr , then you can Withdraw your money Anytime With payoneer. When you Send the fiverr money to your payoneer it takes 10-20 minutes and also you got an Email. and after receive the payoment on payoneer. then you can Withdraw it to your Bank.

may be Something Wrong With you When you connect your payoneer with your Fiverr. Please check the payoneer What they Says.

I did create a Payonner account at the point of withdrawal. I also got a confirmation email that I have received a Payment from Fiverr and once the withdrawal to my personal account is initiated then they will send me another email for further confirmation.

I find this to be so confusing and unclear. First of all, I didn’t expect that payment will be sent for bank transfer to Payoneer instead of directly from Fiverr. The email also stated no time in which the withdrawal to my personal account will be initiated so if it takes next year I am supposed to wait? Since Fiverr tells me that the money has been withdrawn to payoneer, I expect to see the money at least in my Payoneer until they initiate the bank withdrawal to my personal account. Now I guess I should just figure the money is hanging somewhere in between the both and I will be contacted. Eventually.

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may be payoneer know Well , You can contact with payoneer Customer care. they will correct answer where your Money.

I agree that it’s unacceptable to do this without first explaining how it works. I would be annoyed and anxious if my money disappeared without any warning to Payoneer and not having any idea what was happening to it or when I would get it.