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So Disappointed in Fiverr Support

So I came across this buyer who was apparently looking for ‘hand written’ logo. I confirmed with her in inbox that ‘hand written FONT’ is available and your logo would be prepared using that. She agreed and proceeded with the order.

Looking at the requirement section, I realized that she is demanding something which was not decided beforehand. She demanded a logo in a custom lettering in a serif font style. She was failing to understand that what she’s demanding does not lie under the category of ‘hand written font’. If you don’t know what’s a hand written font, you can simply google it. Anyway, I gave her the benefit of doubt and thought she doesn’t have a bad intention, just unsure/unaware about what she wants. So I politely refused to do the job, and she asked for a refund.

Here, I contacted Fiverr CS and explained my situation to them in detail. I was already struggling to maintain my order completion rate (89%). I informed the buyer that I’m in contact with the support and her order would be cancelled soon. The buyer showed impatience at this moment, and initiated the cancellation. I waited desperately for two days for CS to respond to my query and save my day but they didn’t (and still haven’t). The order was then automatically cancelled and my order completion rate has been damaged too (87%). This is the bullet I have taken for no reason, and that too without my fault. I don’t want to lose my level 2 badge because of such carelessness from buyer’s side.

Support still hasn’t come to my rescue and I’m here freaking out for my account stats. Eid holidays ruined :’(((


I know other people might have a different opinion but as a calligrapher I totally feel for every buyer that want to get a unique logo in a custom lettering and then they stumble upon designers who promise them “handwritten font”.
How the hell they supposed to know the difference?
A lot of fonts also doesn’t allow to resell their fonts like in a text logo. a lot of other designers websites removing designs and giving warning to designers that using handwritten fonts with no adjustments in a text logo.

But anyway you still have a lot of time to recover your stats.


Thank you for acknowledging the struggle!

I’m taking very few order these days because am busy in a very personal commitment, and that’s the worrisome part :)))

Sorry, to hear that it ruined Eid celebration. You’ll bounce back from this situation.

Eid Mubarak! :star2:

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sorry your having a stressful time, but i’m a little confused i’m afraid

why didn’t you try to work with the buyer? you could have sent a couple of different samples and asked if she wanted any changes?

why did you jump straight to refusing to work? why did you then deny buyers request to cancel, and how did the order auto cancel without assistance from CS. i’ve had to cancel orders before when i’ve ordered from dead accounts, and what happens is the cancellation request itself expires so the gig continues, and CS had to jump in in my case

there seems to be a communication breakdown somewhere down the line, though you do have very good customer satisfaction from what i’ve seen. what did you mean by you politely refused to do the job, at which point the only available option would to refund? sorry if i’m reading you wrong


Thank you @nikavoice!

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I think I skipped some part of the plot.

First you need to understand one thing: I don’t do custom lettering, I don’t even have a dedicated gig for this service, and you won’t find anything related to it in gig description either.

So back to story now. After going through requirements section, I didn’t complain to buyer about the work being out of scope of original agreement. I still decided to give it my best shot and delivered her the order (in fact, I over delivered with one file too). But then again, she requested modification, and asked me to prepare ‘hand-written’ logo (she was referring to custom made font). Upon reading this, I told her that what she wants does not lie in the scope of services we offer, and this is something which we didn’t agree on. My refusal to do this job (and rightly so) led her to initiate the cancellation.

Firstly, I informed her that I’m in contact with CS and they would cancel the order soon (this was the time when I was explaining my side of situation to them). After few hours the buyer initiated the cancellation request herself. I did not accept it, but did not deny it either. I was waiting for CS to jump into this matter. However, if a buyer/seller doesn’t respond to cancellation request for 48 hours, the order automatically gets cancelled. Then again, I thanked the buyer for her patience and asked her to cooperate a little more while desperately waiting for CS to take over from there. 48 hours passed by, the order got cancelled, and CS did not respond.

Hope this would clear out your questions. Cheers!

Next time just keep denying it until CS responds, it’s awful, but that’s what you have to do.

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I was too embarrassed to do that. I think I did that out of courtesy. I did not want buyer to feel that I’m getting away with her money or any other negative connotation associated with me or my brand. That’s why, that’s the only reason.

UPDATE: I have been responded and the issue has been resolved.