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So Disappointed in the Rating System Right Now

I started my Fiverr gigs about a month and a half ago; since then I’ve been working really hard to make them the best they can be; I’ve generated 248 orders in total, and as of this morning I had a total of 171 positive reviews and 57 not rated; I thought I was doing well for being pretty new to the game.

Because I’ve been sometimes writing all through the night or getting up at 3 a.m. to get orders done and just generally working as hard as I could to make all my buyers happy, up until this morning I had a 100% rating.

Earlier this month a buyer ordered my Edit Your blog Post gig; he uploaded the post and asked me to ‘rewriter and edit the following blog’ (those were his exact words)- as it was an ‘Edit Your Blog Post’ gig, I edited it and rewrote a few bits and pieces here and there as needed; at the end the article was beautifully polished.

The buyer contacted me this past weekend to say that he was unhappy with the post as I had not rewritten the entire thing and I had only edited it here and there and changed a few sentences; he advised that he had wanted the entire thing completely rewritten.

I pointed out that it was an editing gig, and advised that I could contact Customer Service to see about a refund (it completed ages ago, not sure how to refund after that) or I could rewrite it; he didn’t respond.

This morning he asked for the completed rewrite and after I advised that it wasn’t done as he hadn’t responded, he left me a negative review; the first I’ve had out of many orders, and it took my rating down to 99%; I’m shocked that one review can affect your rating so much- what’s the point in being here?

I guess I’m wondering how this will affect my chances of getting Level 2 in 12 days (God help me if I get another negative review) and I’m curious as to how I can get my rating back up?

If the system is this heavily weighted toward negative feedback, and if I’ve had to work this hard for my positive ratings so far only to have it destroyed by one person who ordered the wrong service anyway, I guess I don’t understand how it’s even possible to maintain a high-quality gig on a long-term basis.

This guy was totally unreasonable, had requested something the gig wasn’t even selling, and I think I kind of got burned; up to now I was really enjoying the Fiverr experience but I’m a bit demotivated now- I write because I love to but this experience sort of makes me think that writing here may not be worth my time, which is too bad because I’ve really enjoyed the Fiverr community so far.

Anyway, just ranting; I’ve read lots of posts about sellers getting upset about this but up to now I don’t think I was able to fully appreciate the frustration- I don’t normally like to complain either but I’m just floored by this experience.

Thanks for listening!

Sorry to hear about this abuse.

Fiverr keeps saying that buyers don’t abuse the system. Of course the reality is that abuse occurs daily and often.

Recently a Fiverr Representative posted his thoughts on the rating system at:

and asked for replies. You may want to consider posting your views to the above link and maybe, just maybe, Fiverr may start to realize that buyer abuse is a reality.

Thanks, I just had a look at that and I definitely will! I really appreciate the response!

Send CS a ticket. There’s no way this should hold up.

Best of luck to you.

First of all, I’ve had an amazing first year on Fiverr doing voiceover work. I busted my hind end and made it to Top Seller status and I’m very gratified to say that because of Fiverr, I earned over $15,000 in 12 months. I love Fiverr and I am constantly spreading the word to my friends. Thank you Fiverr!

However, I also worked extremely hard to maintain my 100% rating from buyers. The majority of my buyers are wonderful, reasonable people. Nonetheless, I have had to bend over backwards for a number of crooked and vindictive buyers. There is no way that such individuals will give accurate ratings under this new system. Indeed, I have no doubt that shady buyers will use this new system to exploit and manipulate sellers.

As much as I love and appreciate Fiverr, much of the policies and practices seem, in my opinion, to unfairly favor buyers. I know I’m not alone in that sentiment. This ill-conceived ratings “innovation” is a perfect example of a what I mean. I understand that buyers bring the cash, but sellers bring the talent and devotion that attracts the buyers. The system was fine as it was before, and it is truly awful as it is now. I urge Fiverr to reconsider this, and I urge my fellow sellers to graciously register their own discontent.