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So disappointed

I am not usually the one to complain, but it looks like more and more buyers ignore completely what I have to say in the updates and messages I send. They are then angry with me because I don’t deliver what they want.

I usually ask for additional info if needed, I ask questions layered nicely on the order page. When they don’t answer on time I try to deliver their order with whatever info they already send while I resend the questions to improve the order.

After 2 days I get a redeliver notice with a short message: “I don’t like it”. Of course once again they ignore the questions which I asked about their order.

It’s getting very frustrating at times. Do you have these kind of buyers? How do you usually handle them?

Either mutually cancel, or report/block and move on, life’s too short to worry about difficult buyers, as they’re a dime a dozen on here I’m afraid! :slight_smile:

I get buyers all the time who do not read the gig instructions. When I cancel because they ask me to do something not possible or not part of the gig, they call me unprofessional. Life goes on – like r3kod3d said, there are too many to worry about it.

All the effin time, honestly. Like r3 said, cancel their order. If they’re unwilling to give you the information and then expect you to read their minds, that’s just not done. Another tip would be to ask them to inbox you first with their details, so that you can weed out the ones that could be problematic. As for me, I’ve written a message at the bottom of my gigs which states that I will not hesitate to cancel orders if the buyers respond late or if they are unresponsive!

Its not just bad buyers (people are strange) but there are some bad sellers on here too and once you cancel or agree to cancel a project you can not rate them on here to warn others. I very clearly advertised one project on here with very specific details. It would seem most sellers do not read the requests properly. So far I have ordered and have had cancelled this project 7 times in total (and may have to cancel the 8th time as the seller is not getting back to me!) where sellers then either were unable to do the project and have cancelled immediately or after a few weeks as they were not skilled enough (including sellers with good fiverr ratings too) or then have asked for more money than they offered to do the project for when they replied to the request with a quote. While I know the request feature is flawed that you can only enter 300 characters (making it harder to fully describe what you need) I have had other requests replied and completed without issue. I think humans are the problem and they are not possible to replace. A lot of foreign sellers also seem to have a different attitude to the way things work, perhaps due to cultural differences.

Yeah I always ask them to send me msgs first to set up the gig but that doesn’t stop them from blindly ordering first, just today I had someone who totally ignored my gig and buyer instructions, wanted me to rip and convert 90 videos and then send them to an email address, so not only did they fail to read my instructions they failed to read Fiverr’s TOS, LOL.

No offense intended but If you tried 8 sellers, then maybe you aren’t been clear enough? I mean I find it hard to believe that 8 sellers in a row wouldn’t be able to do what you are asking, that’s a pretty bad hit n miss ratio their buddy! Or maybe you just have really bad luck at selecting sellers?
What is the project, maybe I can help? (mods I’m not trying to spam services just trying to understand what it is he wants so maybe we can solve his problems?)

if buyer ignore my delivery with just a sentence : i dont like it ( or something like that ), i will definitely cancel the order right after that ( especially a basic order ) because as my experience after 2 years working on Fiverr, that kind of buyer doesnt even know what he wants. Just placed an order and thought seller should do anything to complete his requirement. That kind of buyer is very hard to work with and almost of time it’s waste of our time.

A very simple project to create a piece of software. As I said the 300 character description is too limited for detailed requests, however I was very clear that I wanted someone to create an identical clone of an existing piece of software:

“Create a clone of this shortcut software for use in Schools on Win7 and Win10 PCs: Project price quoted must be for the final full project to be completed with final working program with any and all bugs fixed.”

Any suggestions how to make this clearer would be appreciated.

You wouldn’t want an identical clone if you wanted to resell it, simply for copyright and trademark infringements! Stealing and using other ppl’s code without consent is a punishable offence!

It is a clone using the authors own code strictly for use by my own company and not for resale. I have had a dispute with the company selling this software and as its the only software out there which does this the only option I have is to get software created which has the same functionality.

To give you an idea what I am up against one seller came back with a sensible quote and wrote: “Hi there i have seen your request and i would like to notify you that i can do this task within time limit in low prices. For further discussion feel free to contact me Kind regards” which I accepted.

After initial discussion and hearing nothing for more than a week I finally get a cancellation request from the seller today with the message: "Hello there i tried to complete it but none of my methods are working on this. i guess this is beyond my limits i apologize and request you to cancel the order "

Not sure how I can be at blame for this. Sellers who are under skilled are blindly quoting on the project without even checking out the details of the software first. Then accepting, then weeks later saying they can’t do it and cancelling without punishment or the ability to review them. Something is wrong here with the system that needs to be fixed to stop this happening.

Not only did I also have several sellers completely ignore the request instructions and send $5 quotes with a standard non personalised message, I also had a few try and sell me completely different software for something else (asset systems) which is what I was not looking for.

So do you have consent to use the code or not? I’m assuming you don’t if you say you’re at dispute with the company?
Btw there’s plenty of desktop application launchers that do the same thing and more, hell there’s even free one’s that are better than this, you’d be better off getting something with open source code, so you don’t have to worry about all the legality issues!