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So disappointing


This morning I had a really disappointing experience.
I do translations and a client asked me to translate a web page that he wrote in his native language, obviously the expressions vary from one idiom to another, however I did the translation and delivered it on time, there was no response for days, this morning just a couple of hours before the order was completed, he sends me a message in which he asks me for more days to review it since some of his acquaintances have reviewed it and did not like certain expressions, It cost me a lot of work to do the translation as best as possible and without errors, I have to wait until next week when according to another friend of him will review the document and meanwhile I can´t do anything and I will not be able to get paid for my work!
This is really sad because of all the hours that I invested and also the translation was well done.


Why did not you send it to him as the final delivery? That was a mistake.

He does not need to first review it and then approve it. It’s a translation!
It should be correct the first time, not something he has to review and approve.

You gave away your work for free.

Did he even place an order for it first?


I did but he rejeted and opent a dispute

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Then you should have denied the dispute. There was no reason for him to open a dispute except to try to cheat you out of your money.

I would tell customer support about this if I were you just to see what they say.

Actually wait on him a few more days, then contact support and tell all this to them.

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I told him my work was well done, he just didn´t answer and went offline.

He wants it free then. I would have denied the dispute if I knew I did it correctly.

There are too many of these people around. It worries me that fiverr isn’t tighter on it’s procedures with regards this.


It was well done I am sure about that!

thanks for your reply

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It will stop for you if you stand up to them and deny the dispute.
Even if you get a negative feedback you can respond that they wanted it for free and you did not allow that to happen.


Like @misscrystal said, deny the dispute. Ignoring your message and going off-line is as disrespectful as hanging up on you. This show with what type of person you are dealing with. Anyway, the deal was between you and him and not between you and his buddies.


This is so true. I had someone do that yesterday who was being a jerk.
The only person who does this tactic is a creep.

You have to stand up to these types. It’s the only way to deal with them.

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@helma2016 please deny that dispute.

His argument is that he can not publish it because certain expressions are not used in the language in which it was translated, to say that he would liked having edited what he had written in his native language( which means extra work), and could equally have been the subject of a dispute because we can not defer or modify the texts in a translation as much as we would like.

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maybe he wants it in his specific dialect?

all languages have a standard dialect and many have different regional/local dialects.

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No nothing about dialects or something like that.

The “I have to ask my friends” or “my friend said it was bad” response is common for translations.
A buyer cannot request a modification to give themselves more time and not for actually asking for a modification. This is like a seller delivering an order without the end product in order to stop it going late. It simply isn’t allowed and is misusing the tools. 3 days is long enough to wait for auto completion.

The real problem is that everyone reads a translated text differently, most languages have different ways of saying the same thing even outside of dialect issues. Just because his friends don’t like certain expressions it does not mean it is incorrect. If he requires the final text to sound like his friends want it then he really needs to get his friends to edit it and not expect you to read the minds of people you don’t even know.

I suggest denying the dispute, delivering again and contacting CS to explain what the buyer did and what he is saying. Ask for advice their too so you know what to do if the buyer comes back about something.


Hi Helma, I do translations here too. I think you did your work very good. It’s translation, not reediting etc. His/her friends don’t like the final text may be because the origin is bad. It’s not your problem. Deliver your work and forget about him/her.
It’s interesting how many words and $s? Translation is not easy when you do it well. I see on one of your gig $5/1000 - it’s too low price. Should be not less than $5/400-500.

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You can offer him to place another order, but first this order has to be marked complete of course.

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Thank you, I will contact CS.

Thank you


You are right I will edit my gig and contact CS.

Thank you

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