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So embarrassing... Forcing me to cancel

This is my current situation, have you experienced this before?
I made it clear on my profile status that I’m currently weak. I’m weak because I’m asthmatic and this is the part of the year when my body reacts more to environmental changes.
I indicated that every buyer should contact me b4 order. Though this buyer contacted me, he didn’t indicate that he needed extra fast delivery.

Instead of placing an order on fast delivery option, he ordered a 7 days normal package. When I came from my kingdom hall today. Buyer already raised a dispute for order cancellation saying I’m wasting time even when we are still on the forth day. The buyer did everything wrong, he didn’t tell me that he needed it earlier than 7days, he didn’t order an extra fast delivery package.

I’m just a level 1 seller, yielding to his destructive request will drop my ranking straight away. In fact my completion rate will Change from 100% to 75%
What am I doing Wrong with my clients? why should someone be trying to ruin my ranking by canceling when it is not yet time?
I responded by saying I’ll do the job tomorrow and submit b4 the day ends but he insisted on canceling the order.

He simply said,
I want to cancel
Sorry I need to cancel


Is it in the gig descriptions? If so think it could be made clearer eg. with highlighting (I had a look at a couple of your article gigs and did a search on “contact” and it only showed in the section on the right side of the screen which was your profile. If it’s not in them (but is somewhere else like the video) you could add it to the gig descriptions.

There’s nothing you did wrong with this. It’s just the way Fiverr has it set up with the new evaluation which affects sellers even when it shouldn’t. You could maybe try contacting CS to see if they could cancel it without it affecting your stats/evaluation though (since it’s not any fault of yours and you were going to deliver within the time the buyer ordered).

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I quit offering rush delivery! Problem solved! :wink:

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