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So excited πŸ˜† I delivered my first order successfully ✊

Hey guys, i am so excited by conversion of digit β€˜$0’ to an amount. :dollar: :money_mouth_face:

I delivered my first order very successfully. I delivered before the time and gave more than clinet’s expectations.:man_dancing:t2:

Client is happy and satisfied with my service and gave me 5star and positive reviews witg highly recommendation.:innocent:

Here are my gigs::point_down:

Congratulations!!! :heart_eyes::+1:

congrats :slightly_smiling_face:


How many days later you got first order ?

Thanks to all guys:grinning:

i got after about 20 days

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Amazing friend . I am waiting
my first order.

when did you join fiverr?

About 7 days my friend

You have to wait with self motivation

What service you are providing?

Congratulations @umkhyyam

Just start 2 gig photo background change and data entry.

Next gig coming soon.