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So far "No order", 14 days old gig is waiting for your order lol

Hi, I’m new on fiverr and made my 1st gig 14 days ago. you can hire me for best possible services.
You can see my gig at :
Logo design and many more
I made some other gigs too, you can see them too.
Photo Editing and many more
Fiverr is giving me only two link in a post :man_facepalming: so find other gigs yourself :sunglasses:

Best regards:


It took me 2 months to get my first order.

Today I have more than 8600 completed orders.

Creating a gig doesn’t mean you will get orders.

Start promoting your gigs. Using the forum for this it won’t help. Try using social medias to promote your gigs


thanks for the advice dude