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So far no orders, can we colloborate?

Its been more than 6 months and i have no orders against 5 gigs i have posted, i am thinking to collaborate? Is that an option?

Are you getting good IMPRESSIONS / Clicks and gig Views?
you may need to optimize your gig to have more orders or to catch your Buyers attention. try to use more attractive and service describe gig images. clear and not complicated images. Gig images are the buyers first impression (I think). also include some SEO keyword to your GIG title as well as to the Gig Description. also double check with your prices and what other sellers in your field.

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When you start selling initially i suggest setting prices lower. When someone sees gigs posted for $25, $40 by someone with no prior sales or a new seller, most would hesitate

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I started to edit videos for 15h + for 5 usd, i get up to 20 feedbacks and then raised the price, you must hustle in a start.
Also your niche is already full, and imagine, yourself to be in job interview with 400 000 people, and how big are the chances they will choose you without any feedbacks?

I am having impressions between 200-300 per week i think. Also, i think the images are good but just feel like getting a push or a head start and then the circle can just keep moving.

Thank you!

Alright sir, i have taken your point. Reduced the prices, made them more competetive.

You have a valid stance but then what else area of fields I can choose with little or no skills at all? Or otherwise make my space in this already saturated market.

Search your market, think out of the box, you are a designer you can design anything, create some gigs which are less competitive. Fiverr do not restrict you to offer anything.

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