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So fast and does an excellent job! But buyers rating 4


Hey guys,
I want to tell you that, the rating is very important for the seller. Buyers tell me So fast and does an excellent job! great job but they are giving 4* rating. I have been tried for this rating (****4). I have got the same rating on other orders.
Can we get any solution from or any seller?
What should we do?

Thank you, everybody!


Why do you feel the need to “get a solution” for a good positive order rating? You don’t deserve 5-star reviews, you earn them, and a 4-star review is NOT a bad review.


At list you get something my past 17 order i get no rating :selfie: so be happy with that


I’m afraid there isn’t much you can do.
The buyer did like your work, and you did do a decent job, but something was missing perhaps and the buyer gave you a 4 instead of 5.
You seem to have good ratings overall, there’s nothing to worry about.


Why did you copy @priyatomokumar 's comment?


I know, But the rating is an issue for the level crossing. Great work, Great communication, average all are good so we can expect 5 stars that’s it.


If the buyer put 4 star review it means that they felt something is missing. It’s not obligatory for them to give you 5 star review if they don’t feel like that.
It’s not their problem that the rating affect “level crossing”, they leave a review that they feel is appropriate. 4 star rating is a good rating.


I appreciate it. However, most clients share small issues with us. We try to solve them as much as possible. I always try to satisfy my client. A man cannot be all work expert.


I also got maybe 30+


It is unwise to expect 5-star reviews. Each buyer is encouraged to rate you however they see fit – based upon their experience with you during their order. You won’t always receive 5-star reviews.


Right. Reviews are for the prospective buyers. They aren’t a marketing tool for sellers.

Yes, Buyers aren’t always satisfied. They should feel comfortable expressing that. It’s not their fault that Fiverr is so strict. Quality and satisfaction are paramount.