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So fiverr what wants to do with us it has been a lot of time

So fiverr what wants to do with us it has been a lot of time my all gigs are on last page.I’m not receiving any order from new customers.I was just wondering how i will pay my study fees etc…?

How were you paying your study fees before you joined Fiverr? You need to be smart about this. You should know better than to rely on a single source of income to pay your expenses, especially considering Fiverr is not a very reliable source of income (you never know what’s in store for your future on Fiverr).

You need to have/create multiple sources of income because it’s always a good idea to have a contingency plan in case something doesn’t work out for you. This is particularly important when relying on a source of income that’s extremely unreliable: Fiverr.


You’ll just have to get a job or take out a loan like the common people.


The fact your profile says you are on vacation probably doesn’t help with getting orders.


No money to live in hostel so today i was going to home so i set mode of out of office

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While I sympathize with you if you have money problems, you most likely won’t find any answer here on the forum. When times are slow, tweak your gigs, rack your brain for new ideas, and baton down the financial hatches. This is all you can ever do.

Good luck, but don’t wait on a miracle, try and make one instead.



Firstly I would like to say that you have done good so far. 55 reviews in 4 months is not that bad.

Now here is something you need to understand. Your profile is in a good position & it can take-off from this point if you handle it properly. If buyer is not coming to you, then go to buyer and send 10 offers daily. As you have good reviews on your profile, You’ll definitely get an edge.

I have seen people who Quit after having a good start on fiverr. they quit because they dont have patience and consistency. Remain Consistent, have patience and keep sending Offers to buyers. Don’t quit.

Also, I dont find your Gigs description very attractive. Please try to improve it. Use proper keywords. I wish you good luck

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Thank you very much for advice as i was getting many orders e.g 2 or 3 orders daily when my gigs went down but anyway you are right my gigs are not best in description .So now i’m going to make it better not better i will make it best to see for everyone.So here i was trying to get good ideas and i will not leave fiverr at any cost instead of leaving i will make it best.So i will try to make it best but i also wish to get some ideas how i can make it best?:thinking::wink: