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So frustrated with my first Fivver experience


I spent over 85 dollars for 2 original concept logo designs. The seller had well thought out and unique logos in his ad. I was very excited, i provided him a couple stock images as examples of things i liked. He literally took those two images, put them together and sent it to me, like i couldnt do that myself. THe other was two other stock images copy and pasted in the same manner. I tried to cancel the order saying we can let bygones be bygones but he refuses to cancel the order. I spent 85 dollars on something my 8 year old son could do himself. I was hoping to use fivver for a website design as well. Not a chance now.


I’m sorry you had this experience with the seller.
Unfortunately this happens from time to time. With fiverr TOS you wouldn’t be able to cancel the order based on the quality of work, only if seller didn’t deliver something according to his gig description.

I would advice to try to talk with a seller and explain that this is not what you expected and this photos was ONLY for reference. Ask him to work on the revision and provide new version on the logo, try to stay clear in what you want and make sure that seller also understood your requirements.

Also don’t expect much of “original” work for 85$. That’s not much and wouldn’t cover the time spent for professional designers to work on the idea, concept and implementation.


Hi there. Sorry you had a bad first experience.

Though an order can’t be cancelled because of dissatisfaction over the finished product, it can be cancelled if plagiarism was involved. If the buyer literally copy-pasted stock images without proper rights, that could constitute plagiarism.


I know this is just a stock image, but how can i tell where it comes from and if it needs permissions and could constitute plagiarism?


I don’t personally do logo design–I work in voiceovers. In my niche, for instance, it’s a big no-no to use music that you haven’t purchased rights for. You mentioned that you gave the seller two stock images and they were combined to create the finished product. You might check what the terms of use are on the sites these stock images are from.


Right click on the image you posted and click ‘search Google for image.’

When you do, you will find clear evidence that major aspects of your logo design feature in several existing brand logos:

You are a sports-related business and the company featured at the top of the above Google screen grab is also a spots-related business. There is no originality in the design you have been provided with and using it could potentially result in legal action being taken against you.

Provide a copy of my screenshot or evidence you source yourself to Fiverr CS. They should be satisfied that there is grounds to issue you a refund. You will likely receive this as Fiverr credit. However, there are decent Fiverr sellers on Fiverr. (Like my good self, though sorry, I don’t do logos.) All I can suggest is that you explain to future sellers (prior to ordering and in a polite way) that you have already been provided with a plagiarized design and you need something 100% unique for your brand.

Honest sellers will respond to your message, scammers like your present seller won’t. (At least not if they have a brain.)


Thank you so much buddy. I really do appreciate it.


Hi, It’s really bad that experience you had. Always try to buy services from experienced sellers in Fiverr.


This particular seller has a “top rated” badge


Its really sad to know about your experience. You should reach to the CS to report against the seller for providing a copyrighted material as a delivery. And Fiverr Support Team, will issue a warning to the seller as a violation of their ToS. If the seller has done this to you, I can’t imagine as "what the seller has delivered to the other buyers?"

Fiverr takes copyrighted material very seriously!!

Good Luck!!


Sorry for your bad experience.


Me being a TRS myself this is going to sound bad but there are sellers here who
has the level 1, 2 or TRS badges who has somehow made it this far without getting caught for whatever reason. I once tried reporting a level 2 seller who scammed a buyer, but sadly CS did not look into it well enough.

Doing a bit of extra research before placing the order is a good way to avoid
problems like this. I really hope you can find another seller who has good and original logo designs.


Next time i will definitely do more research. If i find that fivver doesnt refund me i may be out for good.


I am sorry you had this awful experience and I hope you get your money back. Also, don’t forget to review your bad experience so that others will be warned by you. The review will remain even if you get a refund. :slight_smile:

We are not a community of scammers, and as a seller, I really hope those like the ones you mentioned get their proper punishments.


These kinds of sellers should be reported. They give Fiverr a bad name.


I reported the sellar and contacted customer support with concerns of copyright infringement and poor quality of work. The status now says “Solved” but i havent heard anything back. Will they let me know their response?


@mariashelle “Also don’t expect much of “original” work for 85$.”

Are you sure about that? I saw people who works amazing logos, business cards etc for 5 $ only! So…do not offense someone’s work. Every seller have a choice to set his offers for buyers.


Typically, they can’t share details about actions taken because of the privacy policy.

If you were refunded, and had not asked to be refunded to your payment source, by default, you would find that refund in your Fiverr balance to use it for another gig.

In case you were not and have further questions, you can reopen that closed ticket, that’s usually better than to write a new one for the same issue.


@msplittgerber When interacting with CS, be sure to give them the actual reason for asking for an order cancellation and a refund. The person delivered copyrighted images which go against Fiverr’s ToS, right? You need to stress on that aspect. I would suggest that you don’t just tell CS that you did not like the work because that’s not what you expected or whatever. If you are a little tactful with CS, I am sure you will get your money back.

Good luck! :snowflake:


But they were sent to the seller as part of the gig by the OP as the buyer. Not splitting hairs, but the buyer broke the ToS re. copyrighted images just as much as the seller, although the seller should have known better.

Added - from the ToS (abbreviated):
Fiverr Customer Support will cancel orders based on, but not limited to, the following reasons:
* Users supplied or included copyright/trademark infringing materials as part of the Buyer requirements or the Seller’s delivery.