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So frustrating - where do i set up payment methods?

Wow, this site is designed horribly. I’ve searched the FAQ, and clicked on every possible link. Ugh!!! How do i set up a payment method? Also, how do i raise the price on my gig to $20? Thanks!!!

Seeing as though you posted this in the Tips for Buyers section, I’m guessing you are a buyer. You do not set up a payment method. Once you order a Gig, you are redirected to a payment page. If you’re a seller, then you did not post this in the right category.

Sellers must have active Gigs in order to set up their payment method. You might want to start by creating Gigs. In the Revenue tab section, you should see methods of withdrawal and a greyed out Paypal button. Once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount, the button will become active and you’ll be able to set up your withdrawal method in your Settings tab. As for cost of Gigs, they can NEVER be anything other than 5$. Please review the ToS of the site that you agreed to when you created your account. You are only allowed to offer additional services for an added cost; the basic Gig HAS TO be 5$.

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I am a buyer. Thank you! My gig is in pending status. Do i just wait for it to be approved by someone? Thanks for your help.

yes, i did the ‘Request a Gig’. Do i just wait for it to be approved by someone? Thanks for your help.

Once sellers are interested in your gig, they will send you offers.

Reply to @billsyrjala: Yes, gig requests are approved, generally takes a few hours for them to become active and visible to sellers who can provide that service to you.

a payment method? YOu don’t set that up Fiverr handles that. If you are a buyer you simply “buy a gig”. End of story.

If you are seller, then you need to create your gig, you must offer a gig for $5, but you can add “extras” to make the price higher by adding different things that someone can get. But you must have something for $5.

then just go into your account and link your paypal account or other acceptable forms in order to withdraw your revenues after hey clear for 14 days.

How much is the withdrawal minimum and why does that exist?

I don’t believe there is a minimum with PayPal (not sure with Payoneer as I do not use them). Once you have any available revenue in your account, if you are a seller, you can send it to your PayPal. Most wait until they have at least $50 in order to only pay $1 for the fee PayPal charges to put money in your account.


if you are a buyer, search what services you want to buy and then see there is a option “Order Now” Click on that option and then put your payment information!! That’s all