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So hard to find good promotions

Why is it so hard to find a good gig for promotion? How can I find someone that has real organic promotion services to real people not to bots?

There are no cheap promotion gigs that guarantee sales. The best promotional efforts are the ones where YOU research your target customers, learn what they need, and you can solve those needs, determine where those target customers are located, and go engage with those customers and show them how you can solve their needs.

People selling traffic on freelance sites will generally always result in nothing productive – i.e., those are not your target customers, and will not result in sales.


You may not be using the right search terms, plus there are many more bot and spam promotion gigs than organic here. Finding anything organic is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

It is also hard to provide organic in a marketplace setting. I have organic marketing gigs myself and the nature of Fiverr makes it hard to provide things that would actually generate leads. Lead generation is almost always a process, not a one-time purchase, so it doesn’t really work here.

“Lead generation” gigs on Fiverr are nothing of the sort, just email lists.