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So here's what I did on Valentine's Day

Wrote articles from 4 am to 9 pm, with a little rest in between, including 4 chapters of an ebook I am writing on seducing women. V-day came and went, and I barely noticed. Now, I really love Fiverr. Today again, I’ve been writing from 4 am and it’s almost 9 pm. February’s been a busy month. I love my job :slight_smile: It’s not the money I care about, I just love being busy. Anyway.

You are a very hardworking person, waking up at 4 am .

Did you get the flowers I sent? xx

No offense, but when you work your life away, what exactly do you expect to discover at the end of it all? I’ve lost some very special people in my life over the past couple of years and it was loosing them which made me reconsider my career path at the time. Fiverr to me is a great way to freelance and I do love it. But I’m in a western country and even I wouldn’t choose to dedicate my life to Fiverr over and above everything.

Trust me. If you’re out on Valentines day talking about how busy you are just working, you have some serious interpersonal issues which you should be focusing on over and above work. I don’t mean this in any kind of offensive way but…Well… The thing is you don’t need money to discover everything. In fact, money’s the last way you should ever attempt to find happiness.

hey, I thought you were gonna send ME some roses!! :smiley:

Let’s see, I went to work around 10 am, worked until 7pm…
during my break I went outside and bought some chocolate with cognac inside, walked around
the office and gave my coworkers some boozed chocolate. Everyone was happy getting “drunk” at work. The end. LOL!!

I get your point, but everybody is different. My motivations are different.


Yeah, more like a guy who has nothing else to do except writing articles…LOL

I got them…have sent them to @Zeus777…she’s in Japan, so the shipping takes time…but she should get it any day now…from me :smiley: Thanks for saving me money man :slight_smile: That’s what friends are for…

Oh well, now she knows I didn’t pay for them…

I made my choice and I am sticking with it!
Valentines Day can be cruel…

I hope you didn’t send the card to her too! That could be awkward!

Mine are drunk at work every day.

Money? Last way to find happiness???
Nothing happens without the notes.

I agree with the first paragraph though.

Exactly…and notes won’t find you love in India either. Young women expect you to have a 9-to-5 job in IT or financial services…freelancer like me who spends all the time at home…no chance…even if I actually make more than the IT or financial services guys…

HAHAHAHA, oh, you two. So funny!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yes this is true!