So, how did you find your sellers on Fiverr?


So, how exactly did you find your sellers?

If you’ve ever purchased a gig, I am curious as to how or what drew you to a particular seller?

Of all the sellers I have had since Jan 2016, here is my breakdown:

Forum: 18 (30%)
Buyer’s Request: 29 (48%)
Fiverr Gig Page: 13 (21%)
Social Media: 1 (1%)

  • Although only 30% of my sellers came from reading this forum, I’ve made multiple purchases and spent the most money. There are hundreds of sellers in this forum, so what made me interested in choosing the ones that I did? I am curious about other buyers reasoning first, before I list my reasoning.

  • Granted, most of my buyers came from B.R., but they were one time hire with only three that I have purchased twice or more.

  • Only 1 purchase came from social media, via Twitter! :broken_heart:

So, where did you find your sellers and what drew you to them? There are hundreds or even thousands of sellers in almost every category - why did you choose the one that you did?

You tell me your reason & I’ll tell you mine.

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Most of my buyers have found me through search, I think. Of the 3000 plus orders, only 4 or 5 have come from the forum.


What draws me is quite a few things. I design games with The Game Crafter, out of Madison, WI. I have a few up for sale already, but they were always a little cheesy. I loved art in school, but hardly have time for it now, being a husband, father and full time insurance agent. My time for dabbling in concepts for new games is during my downtime. So, a lot of art went in half-cocked, so to say.

I’m glad I found fiverr, as it REALLY improved the looks of my games (and music I do; some mixing/mastering). Mainly, I look at the style of the art being done. Does it fit the style of the game I am doing. Secondly, are they cheap? I see some people who tack on extra for full body, commercial use, enlarged png files, etc…and then I have a guy who literally only asks for $5. And he makes his art just as good, if not better. It’s those people I stick with. In the end, with all the characters I make for a game, he might only charge $5 a person, but he ends up getting a couple hundred (sometimes over $1000) from me in all the art I need. The person who charges less seems to get the good money. The person who charges more, gets no cash. That’s sort of the way I have viewed life; slow and steady wins the race. Not being greedy and hasty to get the cash. Someone who knows that a little more time and a little more work pays off bigger than the quick and easy route. If I paid for my art with a person who charged for every single little thing, I’d go broke. So I need to see who is good, but for cheap.

I talk to them, get to know them, see if they are interested in my project. Let them know that is WILL be made for game publishing (though I never really sell any…yet). I have never read these forums yet for find artists. I always just do a random search for people, the style I am looking for and if they match. That’s about it here. :slight_smile:


That’s interesting insight.
As a buyer, I haven’t used the buyer request section for a few years. I either ask other sellers I’m friends with if they have any recommendations, or I click on a particular category and sort by rating. If applicable, I check off my specifications (ie. when hiring a voice actor, I’ll specify accent, etc.) Then, after looking at samples and reviews, I determine which seller best fits my needs. The buyer request system is too messy for my liking, and most of the replies I received in the past weren’t even related to the project at hand.
I’m curious, how did you come up with the percentage breakdown? Did you calculate that yourself, or does fiverr have a new algorithm?


I have more than 10 sellers.
my criterion is always the quality. If they can provide the quality, I will buy instantly. Doesn’t matter if they charge double than the most.
I, myself as a seller, put a final price on the requests whenever a buyer provides all the information.(if they don’t, I always mention that “it is not a final price and is subjected to change as per your requirements”).
I might charge a bit less but never more than I quote.

I consider this even when I buy. If someone tries to deviate from the original quotation It really turns me off.

@gina_riley2 I wish I could become the 19th from the forum. :smiley: :smiley:


@gina_riley2 I usually hire server maintenance type of gigs, and my criteria is simple, I search for the gig, if they have delivered a few gigs in the past 48 hours with good reviews, I take it. Nothing else matters, neither the total number number of reviews or previous < 5-star reviews. If they have an active account and have recent reviews, it’s all good. It means they are available and can do the job.

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A lot of the gigs I purchase are just drawings (for gifts, avatars, business, etc.) so I look for people with good reviews, who have good drawings in their portfolio and not just their gig examples, who don’t just do cheap filters and try to sell them as original drawings, and who isn’t exorbitantly expensive.


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Hmm, interesting and unique question. I’m going to make some guesses based on looking at my purchases. I’m not doing any real math, but I can get some estimates. I’m surprised how many gigs I’ve actually bought! So, as a buyer I would say about:

Forum: (10%)
Buyer’s Request: 1 failed attempt to find someone to make a video I needed (0%)
Fiverr Gig Page: 55% after tons of research and at least 1 inbox contact
Social Media: Seen ads but none that appealed (0%)
Email from Fiverr showing me Recommended: 5%
Recommendations from other buyers/sellers: 30%

In my earlier days on Fiverr I bought my gigs via the main Fiverr Gig page because that was where I started looking. My first 2 I didn’t contact the sellers in advance, both were new and neither delivered anything so the gigs were canceled and the automatic 1 star was left. After that I got wise to contact sellers.

I’ve still bought heavily from the main page and that’s usually when I either need something and don’t know anyone who does it or can recommend it, or just because I have a little extra and want to try out a new seller or give one a chance. By reading gigs and talking with the sellers, I have a high success rate now on getting reasonably good purchases from level 0 sellers and have returned to buy more from a few. The rest have been well established sellers that I talked with first and tried and most have delivered as promised even if it wasn’t always what I expected.

When I know what I need, I buy a lot from people I know or I ask other mods and friends who they recommend. Great results and this is a favorite way to buy for me.

I posted a B.R. once trying to find someone who could video themselves leading a horse. I had no other specific needs and was willing to take a phone video. I got 3 responses from people who did not have horses or access to them and offered me something different.

I’ve made impulse purchases of $5 gigs after seeing something fun in an email.

I buy occasionally from the forum, but so far it’s always been from sellers who have been posting other helpful or interesting content, not just ads. I have searched ads looking for good sellers but haven’t happened on one that worked out yet. I am amazed how many new sellers I’ve contacted after seeing their ad and they never reply to a query about something in their description. I think I’ve sent 20 messages at least with plans to purchase, but got no response.

As a seller if anyone is [details=interested:]I think over half of my sales have come from people finding me in search and I’ve “won” bids in B.R. in about 1 out of 20 tries which has sometimes yield me a repeat buyer. When I bid on a B.R. I craft a careful bid. Many of my sales have come from referrals by other buyers, I get a lot of one time buyers and occasionally a new bulk regular because one of my current bulk regulars sends them my way. I get some buyers from referrals when friends of mine (mostly from the forum) send someone to me, so that makes my referral count even higher.

I’ve had 2 buyers say they found me by search for what I sell in Google and they found their way to me via some external advertising that I do. That is not common yet. I’ve had a few more than that who found me though a Facebook ad and then used a Fiverr Anywhere offer to make a direct purchase from me. Those were all $5 orders and all on one specific gig, but they went well.[/details]


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Hello @omardavidsuarez . Did you have a comment about this thread? If you are looking for a place to introduce yourself, there is a category for that Here. If you are looking for a place to advertise, that’s My Fiverr Gigs. Otherwise, you can join and discuss this topic or start one of your own in another appropriate category. :slight_smile:

Your profile and gigs have some problems and if you really wanted to sell on Fiverr, you might want to make some changes. You have no profile description, your profile image is a little odd, and at least one of your gigs is likely to be removed by the Fiverr editors. i am not sure if you set your profile up for humor, but just thought i’d let you know it may not go over well.


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Oh, my! I fell asleep after posting this and woke up to quite a bit of interesting information.

I was organizing my spreadsheet for fun vs business while going through the Improve My Gig category with so many people telling newbies to advertise on social media. It got me to think: “Does advertising on social media really work?”

Actually, it wasn’t just Friday but the first Friday of the month, which means I budget this and that. It’s also the day I do most of my buys. I know Em was joking - even if she didn’t put (j/k) but it was coincidence as I was going to buy anyways. I’m guessing that is what you were referring to? :slight_smile:

Humm, I wonder what your statistic is? That would be quite interesting.

Wow! You have quite a bit of interesting information on your post. I follow somewhat of a similiar theory when I search for sellers as well.

When I first started buying on Fiverr, I started with random searches for days - just curious, mostly. I looked at prices - peeked at profiles, etc. I know everyone has a different method when looking for someone, depending on their criteria.

I am guessing from reading these post, most buyers do the random search thing! Thank you for the great insight into what you and how you do it!! :grinning:

Oh, yes, it most certainly is and can be messy! When I use it, most of the offers I get seems to be a joke. I have to wonder if they are serious or not?

I did find it useful when I was looking for virtual assistants around the globe to do reasearch on specific topics. As example, I was looking for information on historical libraries in Venazuela, certain types of food in Asia/Middle East, etc. I wanted someone that actually lived there, who’s been there to do it.

Looking through the thousands of V.A. on gig page was overwhelming, so I posted on Buyer’s Request with the stipulation of must live or have lived in country XYZ. Needless to say, about half the bidders did not, but the ones that did - made it easier.

I have a small side business so at least half of what I buy here is tax deductible. I have a spreadsheet that includes all information from Fiverr and other sites that I use for business. So far, I’ve spent more than I made! :disappointed:

I :yellow_heart: excel. I did a quick filter of Fiverr Only & added the “fun-non taxable stuff” and the resulting number is what I posted.

I realized that only one person I bought - one time - came from social media. It seems everyone tells a new guy/gal to advertise via _____. I wondered if it was just me or had any other buyer found their sellers that way - created this thread for that reason!

:grinning: I had what I think is called “switch & bait” done on me once. The seller practically tripled the original and offered to give me whole bunch of extra that I didn’t or needed.

So, you were looking at my numbers?? :smile:

I don’t care if a seller has all five star reviews or not. What I do look at is the comments they provide in response to the non-5 star.

If they put something like “Thank you for the tip! I guess by that you really liked my work. I’m confused why you gave me less than five stars?” or “I would have been happy to revise anything you didn’t feel was five star.” or anything along that line.

I think having all 5 star reviews are great but having less than 5 stars is NOT a turn off for me.

I do the same thing. Which means other buyers probably filter it the same way. Sometimes a seller is able to provide great product for $5, sometimes that is just not possible!

Oh, my gosh! That is so funny. The exact same thing happened to me! My first two gigs ended up in “Failure to Deliver with automatic 1 star.” I didn’t even know the system did that until one of the sellers contacted me to ask to remove the 1 star.

I remember telling him, “You’re mistaken, I didn’t give you one star.”

Of course, I was the one mistaken!!

The people that I have hired on the forum are mainly the regular contributors and a recommendation from them. I did hire a few - from the Advertise/IMG category. People that only post “Thank you” or “great post” or anything along that line with nothing to contribute, well, I typically don’t even look at their profile.

The people with meaningful things to say - some including heated discussions - of course, I am curious - I check out their gig pages to see what they offer, if it’s something I need or want, I get it. I guess I feel like I know them a little better by the level of their useful or fun conversation.

Granted, it’s a very small sample, but by what you and others on this thread have posted, including me, I don’t think social media is all that great for sales. If someone has a different experience, please let us know.